Food Growing Networks

I am telling a group how I built my garden beds.

I am telling a group how I built my garden beds.

So what are Food Growing Networks?

Well, maybe it is just a phrase that I just made up. But there is a reason that I did it. I go to the same Super Bowl Party every year for the last 10 years. These are people that I used to go to church with, and we have remained very good friends.

I see the hosts once a month, but I see their friends only 2 or 3 times per year at the host’s parties.

Now, I do not know if you know this about me, but I am a natural networker. I make friends with other people’s friends. I do it on purpose. No, I am not selling anything. I just love people.

When I meet new people, I start talking about growing food. There is always someone in the group that comes over to talk to me and leaves with intentions of building a garden or   getting some chickens. We stay in touch, and end up becoming friends and sharing garden or chicken ideas.

So I went to this last Super Bowl Party and one of the children came up to me excited to share that she did indeed get chickens. She was telling me the breeds of each of her pullets and how happy she was with them. I suggested to her parents that she be allowed to join a local chapter of the 4-H.

This is just one of the cute little stories that happen when you are excited about what you are doing with other people.

I now have a group of people that I gather with once a month at my farm to share gardening ideas. I am delighted to say that most of these people I met through someone else. So instead of using my networking skills to try to sell something; I am doing something so much more exciting. I am networking to spread the good word, and the joy that comes from growing our own food.

Silly term really, or is it? May we all find ourselves a part of a “Food Growing Network”.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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8 Responses to Food Growing Networks

  1. Love the idea of a Food Growing Network, there is nothing more refreshing than a gardener willing to give up their valuable gardening time to share. Thanks great post:)

  2. Torrie says:

    I have been calling it a partnered grower network here in the model I am developing for seed cooperatives and veg exchanges 🙂

    Did you have a chance to read the blog I shared on your page recently? Was thinking of you as I write my model/book.

    • So nice to hear from you Torrie. I do think that it is truly an idea who time has come. I have always loved the idea of community. Years ago, I did something similar in my kitchen. We called it a Saturday morning garden market.
      I have not read the blog that you shared. But I will. Hope all is going well in your new home.

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  4. Sophie33 says:

    What a great idea for those food growing networks! Excelent advice you will give too!

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