I have been raising an organic-year-round-veggie garden in the desert for about 30 years. Steve bought this home about 5 years ago. He was kind enough to allow me to install a 4 foot by 4 foot bed in the far corner behind the pool:) I just kept feeding, and building my compost pile as I visualized more garden beds. Over time, he has allowed me to take up the whole backyard. I now have 800 square feet of raised beds. My hero also installed a drip system that waters at 6 inch intervals.

The beds are not all full at the same time. as I need room to plant the next month’s crops. I practise crop rotation, and companion planting. I plant intensively. French Intensive was the title used before it evolved to square foot gardening. I use many different methods as it suits my moods.

I love to plan, and I enjoy the process as much as the results. I cannot wait to get up in the morning to check my gardens.
I spend alot of time improving my soil organically and I do not use synthetic fertilizers. I have tried some of the “organic” variety of the big name brands. I found that they attracted grubs because they contained wheat

When I first built these beds, the soil was sticky clay when wet, and hard as a brick when dry. Now, you can use a trowel anywhere in my garden to pull up soil that is full of earthworms.
Steve is amazed that I do not ask for $600.00 purses, or lots of jewelry. I am not his first wife after all (Just his last). If I did, he would do his best to provide. He wants to make me happy.

I really do not spend much time at the mall, or sitting in a coffee shop either. This is the way that I spend my time, and money. It  makes me very happy.
Now I am using this blog as a way to encourage my friends who want to grow veggies in the desert too.

3 Responses to Garden

  1. KELEA NEVIS says:

    Well, after having an almost complete failure of a garden two years ago, and after having taken last year off completely, I am proud to report I actually had a garden which produced some produce this year! Yippee for me! I managed to get turnips (and greens), beet greens (the beets didn’t form), yellow squash, spaghetti squash (someone gave me these seeds and the packet said “honey-dew” type melons) Jim was thrilled (he loves honeydew) until we discovered (I had to send a picture to someone) they were spaghetti squash. My corn molded on the stalk (and didn’t fill in with corn either). My what I believed to be cantaloupe didn’t produce anything. My Romaine lettuce was the biggest hit of all – that had me very excited. I had two broccoli plants but only one came to a head (I didn’t know it was a winter vegetable). And my tomatoe plants are now producing but not completely, lots of toms but not getting completely red on the vine, some were splitting their sides, some I picked and am letting ripen in the house. My wildflowers were GREAT until the dogs decided to roll in them to scratch their backs. But, all in all, I feel like it was a success and I’ll certainly be more willing to give it more time next year! 🙂

    • Kalea- gardening in the Sonoran desert is not an easy task. So any success in still success. I happen to know a lady who only raised radishes her first year and was so excited. Each year, she gets better.

  2. KELEA NEVIS says:

    Thank you for sharing that! In that case I did very well this year! LOL

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