Soups, Super Foods and Adaptogens

In October, I saw a lot of posts about soups. I wasn’t not quite there yet; because we in the Arizona desert where still experiencing temps in the high 90s.

Though whenever I culled an old layer, or harvested a young chicken, I still made bone broth; it went into the freezer. Now I look into my freezer(s), I see half gallon jars filled almost to the shoulders with delicious golden broth.

Shoulders? You ask. Many of my friends are surprised that I freeze in glass. “Glass expands” they say, “it will break” they say. Yes, I know, it  has happened to me too. But I have found that if you use a wide mouth canning jar, and fill it almost to the rounded edge near the top-it will give room for expansion without breaking.  Do not put the lid on tight, it will cause the glass to crack at the top.

Golden? You ask. Many of my friends make what they call “Bone soup”. They take the carcass from a chicken, or a turkey (that they bought at the store) and toss in some veggies. This is not golden- it is gray. The golden color comes from the beautiful yellow fat that only a grass fed animal can provide. Carrots and onion skins can add to this, but is not completely responsible for the rich color and taste.

Why half gallon? Well I do freeze in quarts too, because they fit nicely in the door. My shelves are spaced apart taller than a half gallon jar. It just makes since that the half gallon will hold twice as much, but still take up the footprint of a quart jar in the freezer.

Ok now, it is chilly outside. I do not turn on my heater though, until the end of December. I don’t have little ones to worry about, and I like to layer my clothes. I love big comforters on the bed. Time for soup!

My favorite soup recipes are for butternut squash, split pea, hamburger,  hot and sour, egg drop, and a new Greek one that I discovered in St Louis called Avgolemono. I use the thawed out broth in any soup recipe, chili or stew recipe that calls for water, or broth. I love the brothy ones for breakfast, and the heartier ones for lunch or dinner.

I love the feeling that I get when I am making, serving, and eating these nourishing soups. Knowing that the birds were humanely raised- running around chasing bugs, eating grass and having a happy life. Then in a clean, humane way; they ended up in my freezer waiting for the time for me to lovingly make a nourishing meal for my family. Nothing was wasted.

I believe that it is how it was meant to be, and it makes me very happy to take part in it.

We will talk about super foods and adaptogens in following posts. I need to go and thaw out some broth.




About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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  1. Sophie says:

    hahahahaha! I loved your post, my friend! x

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