My Vision

Since I started this journey in my garden, I have met some really awesome people. Some love the garden, some love the animals, some want to homestead, some want to be healthy, and some just want to have fun.
I fit into all of those categories, and that is why I get along so well with each of them.
They all come to my home individually on different days, or different times of the year.
But, I would love for my home to be a gathering place for these people to meet each other, and share ideas.
For those who don’t have a backyard; they could come, and garden with me. For those who are intimidated by a canning pot, we could can together. We could even have a quilting bee, for goodness sake.
The ideas are limitless. Forget book clubs, who wants to read about it, when we could be doing it.


4 Responses to My Vision

  1. Farmer Bob says:

    What part of Az are you farming? I’m just outside of Phoenix in Wittmann. Az is a challenge. I have chickens, geese, turkeys, ducks, guineas, gardens and fruit trees. Still trying to get the aquaponics together. Right now I just have goldfish in a small setup to see how they fare. I don’t quilt, LOL, but did actually crochet a scarf when I was a kid. Just started canning again after a 20 year break.

    • I live in South Chandler. Yes Farmer Bob, it is a challenge-especially in the summer. But I grow straight through. I have been doing it for 30 years though. So I have learned a few tricks along the way.
      I love that you are doing all that you do. The aquaponics is actually quite easy once the your system is in balance. I have not had to do anything with the system at all for several months except feed the fish and replace the evaporated water. They are old enough to harvest now. I will harvest a few and leave a few. I have tossed a bunch of things into the tank that would create hidey holes for babies. I hope that cupid will put on his swim suit and do his work under the water.
      I am impressed that you crochet(ed) a scarf. I used to knit and crochet but found that I do not have the patience for it. Quilting is a passion for me that I hope to get better at.
      Keep up the good work with the canning, and good luck with your fish.

  2. Wanda says:

    Keep us updated on your Husband’s fruit trees. I work in the valley but go home on weekends to the White Mountains. My hubby just built me a greenhouse but I do not know much about using one. All my gardening “experience” comes from childhood in PA.

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