Aquaponics is not a new idea to me. I remember my dad reading about it in 1976. He talked about using a dough-boy pool, or an in ground pond to raise fish for food. My dad was a pretty smart guy, and had lots of great ideas. He never really had the time to get around to doing anything with those ideas though. He worked several jobs to take care of our family of 7. Here’s to you Dad!

I have been toying with this idea for about 5 years, but never did anything about it. I was working full time and juggling my little backyard farmyard. Steve was not interested and it seemed too complicated to master on my own.

This past January, I met a lady who has an aquaponics set up on her farm. We worked out a deal that I would volunteer one day per week on her farm in exchange for a working knowledge of aquaponics. It has turned into a lovely friendship.

Though I have cleaned chicken and cow pens, picked apples and canned with her; my job at her farm is to design, weed and plant the garden. In the fall, I will teach garden classes to the students that she draws to her farm.

Steve was not ready for my new endeavor, so I had to bide my time. Just recently he has become agreeable to “the fish thing” as he calls it. To me it is so much more. It fascinates me to think that the fish will feed the plants, the plants will help the fish, and I will be using less water. This will also provide another delicious protein source for my family.

I will go slow, and share as I go. The aquaponics seems a little more complicated to write about, but it really is easier than it sounds. So, if you are not interested, just skip those posts. But I will tell you that you will miss out on some of the fun along the way.


2 Responses to Aquaponics

  1. sandyz says:

    It was good to hear from you. Since I wrote last I have changed my site to tell more of our experiences and will continue to do so if you want to check it out.
    My son is not ready for some of the things I put to him either. We have a 550 gal tank in the green house sitting empty. That just kills me. Last Spring I suggested we start Prawns in there. He about hyperventilated! It may have been because I had just suggested raising hair goats so I can learn to spin. Guess I will have to time my ideas a little farther apart.
    We did get rid of the goats we had and will start again with them next Spring.

    • I will certainly pay your blog a visit. I am very interesting in Sharing information. You sould very industrious. We have a spinner in our group. I would love to learn to spin for angora rabbit wool, but I am not ready to take on the big job of keeping an angora groomed.

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