I enjoy sewing, and quilting. I am not an expert, but when I put my mind to something; I can be pretty creative.
I have a sewing room/pantry. It earns new titles all the time. I have my red wiggler worm farm in there too.
This room contains shelving systems for my home canned goods, and kitchen gadgets that need a place other than the kitchen counter.
My kitchen aid, ice cream maker, yogurt maker, wheat grinder, and buckets of wheat live up there.

Back to the sewing.
I have tubs of materials that I have collected over the years. I get a lot of materials at yard sales. Colors and prints that make me happy. My family knows that gift cards to the sewing store are a good thing for birthdays, and christmas.
I have my tubs organized as to plaids, baby flannel, prints, and solids.

I have made some baby quilts, and some wall hangings. But most recently some diaper bags for my daughters. I will post about them. Now, I am looking over baby patterns. I know dear friends, I do not have grandbabies. I am not really in a hurry either. I know the stresses involved in raising children, and I want my kids to be happy. But when the time comes, I will be prepared.


2 Responses to Sewing

  1. I too need to work on my sewing skills.

  2. Hey Valerie, it is true that life gets so busy. Since writing this post I have two grandsons born a year (ish) ago. I have not sewn anything since they were born. But I did have quilts to give them.

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