When raising rabbits, I would keep two breeding trios of rabbits. New Zealand Whites are one of my favorite breeds and Siamese Satins are another favorite.

I could get up to 4 litters per year per doe. I did not have the cage space for that many rabbits. But I did have fun, and there were almost always bunnies to play with. I did not breed from April to September, it is just too hot here, and I did not have a cooled barn.

Rabbits are perfect for the backyard farmyard because they are quiet, and very easy to keep clean. If you were to go away for a few days, you could have someone come to check on them; once a day, and they would be just fine.
The challenge in the desert is the heat. I will share my secrets of keeping rabbits healthy, and happy year round in future posts.


2 Responses to Rabbits

  1. Treasa B, Phoenix, AZ says:

    Hi Donna, Just FYI You can get more than 4 litters per year per doe if you have the space for the kits. I have found that does that are not bred on a regular schedule lose interest in breeding or have very small litters.

    • Thank you for that comment. You are absolutely right Treasa. I usually get 5 or 6 breedings per year per doe. I am thinking that the buck could be the issue in this case. Ping Pong averages 8 per litter, and this is her 4th litter this year. This is a first time pairing her with my new siamese buck “Dolce”. I have another doe who had a litter with him, she only had 4. That is not normal for her either. I will give him some time though. Maybe he needs to get a few more litters under his belt.

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