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My First Week Without Eggs.

One of the naturopaths where I work told me that she just knew that eggs would come back as one of my sensitivities. What was her clue? I told her often of my love for eggs as    an almost daily … Continue reading

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Food Sensitivity Testing

The results are in. I have mostly good news, a little bad news and some great news. The good news first. A few years ago I had my food sensitivities drawn. At that time peanuts were very bad for me, corn and soy … Continue reading

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Paleo (esque) in my life

You all know that I have dabbled with elimination diets, low carb and paleo eating plans in my attempt to kick the uveitis issue that I have. What I have learned is that many of us will not do the hard … Continue reading

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Part of my new job

Part of my new job at a busy Naturopath practice is working with patients who are trying to loose weight. After all, it is difficult to achieve optimal health while carrying extra weight around. I myself have 7-10 pounds that I have … Continue reading

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Broccoli for all of my babies

November is the time that I start harvesting broccoli in my garden. Because I grow broccoli from seeds; I can plant the seedlings in my garden beds for September, October, November, December and January. This will insure that I have … Continue reading

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Taking care of mom

My mom is 4’10, but when she is mad-she is about 6 ft tall. We  have lovingly teased her about how we all thought that she was tall-when we were little kids. But by the time that we were 10 we had … Continue reading

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Hooray for Cabbage!

How many of you just LOVE cabbage? I must say that it took me some time to learn to say that I love cabbage. I think that it is more  what I know about cabbage- than my taste buds- that makes … Continue reading

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