In My Kitchen

SomeThings to Share

SomeThings to Share

My kitchen is a place that reflects my abundant life. This is where I wash, preserve and prepare my harvest. It could include eggs, milk, cheese, butter, kefir, kombucha, sourdough starter, and homemade bread at any given time. My kitchen is also my favorite place to “share life’s abundance“. I have learned a little secret about life. When you share something with someone, they want to share in return. It is human nature that sharing makes us feel good. When someone gives us something, we want to give something in return. This is NOT ¬†bartering. It is about how we were created to be. This is about being kind, and feeling good about it.

Now I have been doing this for many years, but just now realized this secret.
When someone comes into my home, the kitchen is where we end up. I let them taste something that is new to them, or I show them how to do something, and usually I give them something to take home. It might be fresh garden produce, eggs, kombucha scobies, kefir grains, yogurt, cheese, homemade bread, something dehydrated or canned. My friends know that if I cook a meal for someone, that I care about them.

I do not give to get. I do not even think about recieving, I just feel good in the giving. I am selfish like that, I like to feel good.

When I go visiting, I usually do not go empty handed either. But this is what I have found. When I give my friends tomatoes from my abundance, they give me grapefruit from their abundance. When I give another friend some apple butter, she may give me tomato plants. We all have something that is our personal abundance, maybe it is a just a listening ear or encouragement.
But my point is this; it just continues. No-one is keeping score. I just keep track that I am giving. Over time, I have developed many friends that I share life’s abundance with.

Here is an example. Yesterday, I went to a friend’s house to visit. I brought her a Jun Kombucha scobie. She had mentioned that she wanted one. Jun Kombucha is made with honey instead of sugar. I also grabbed a jar of apple butter from my pantry for her, and some kale chips.
She was so excited to recieve what I had to give. That made ME happy. We had a nice visit and when I left, she gave me bags full of spring shallots. She also gave me two shopping bags full of grapefruit. When she saw my excitedment about the gift, that made HER happy.
I put the shallots on a wet towel in my bathtub. This will keep the roots wet until they can be replanted to produce full sized shallots.
Now, I could keep all these wonderful shallots and grapefruit to myself to chop, plant or juice and freeze. But I think that I will do the selfish thing, because I like to feel good.
I will share this abundance with others.
Tonight we had dinner guests who brought us more grapefruit, they left with full tummies, a jar of apple butter, my homemade bread recipe and a bagful of shallots.
So my challenge to you is this- find what your abundance is and start sharing it!


7 Responses to In My Kitchen

  1. sun4izzi says:

    AWESOME All-American Pressure AND the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving.

  2. Nicole says:

    Love this! Perfect time to read it….right before Easter!

  3. I love dinner with friends and homemade bread.

  4. Kim McAlevy says:

    Apple butter, yum!!

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