Gluten Free

Really me? Gluten intolerant? I could not believe it. But, when I recently began the journey on an elimination diet to discover the cause of the inflammation in my body, I found out. Actually I discovered that I am intolerant to gluten, peanuts and pasturized dairy.
The reason that I chose to investigate, is that I have chronic uveitis. It is an inflammatory disease of the eye. When I have flare ups, I need to take steroids. Once, I even lost the vision in my right eye for several weeks due to complications. I also have a lot of hip pain that I do not have time for.
So, the particular elimination diet that I chose was “The Virgin Diet”

Now that I have found out the foods that cause the inflammation in my body, I will be doing my best to stay away from them to give my body a chance to heal. I will be sharing new information about that along the way


8 Responses to Gluten Free

  1. Hi Donna:

    I follow Daddykirbs on Facebook and saw his post today about your blog. Nice to connect with another gardener in Phoenix. I’ve done a couple of PDCs’ and also have a garden of my own.

    In case you’re interested in gluten free baked goods, my daughter and her best friend have a business called Magically Gluten Free (website: ). They’ve been at it over a year and they make some really great stuff. I am also gluten free (wheat allergies) and generally try to stay away from baked goods but, once in a while, a brownie or a cookie is a real treat.

    I follow the VPA (did a PDC under Don Titmus) and go to their events from time to time. Perhaps we’ll run into each other at one of those.

    Good to connect with another like minded person in Phoenix.

    George Fulton

    • Oh George. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I would be delighted to check out your daughter’s business. As a full time nursing student, full time gardener, full time some many other things; I have not been doing much baking. I would certainly love the opportunity to support a local business.
      I have been a member of the VPA since it’s humble beginnings under a previous name. I have sat under many of the original instructors. Don Titmus has been to my house as a Weston A price member. I took the PDC course from the professor at Mesa Community College. I was working on an Agriculture degree, before I decided to go to nursing school So yes, we will probably have a happy introduction some day. I am communicating more on the Facebook page these days. Nursing school is taking up so much of my time for now. We just put an offer in on a property today and I hope to be formally announcing its acceptance on the fan page later in the week. The “farm” will be a place for all of my friends to come and play.

  2. Sophie33 says:

    I am lactose-intolrant since birth & have a gluten sensitivity. A while ago, i went gluten-free one year & it was difficult to bake & such things. But I went to be very creative & you can find many Gf recipes(385 posts) on my blog. Now, I can tolerate wheat in moderation. I mostly use white organic & wholemeal organic spelt flours & my husband & I love that. So, I don’t have any bloating & feel energized & great. πŸ™‚ I also buy stone-ground oats. So, I make my own flour using my dry container of my beloved Vitamix! πŸ™‚

    • Sophie, thank you for your comment. I have been to your blog and can see that you will be an encouragement. Not only for me but for several of my friends who struggle to find the right recipes to deal with their health issues.

  3. Elimination diets are tough, but when you find out what is causing problems in your body, and can avoid those things, you feel so much better! Glad you figured it out! I’m gluten sensitive too, although I’ve gotten a little lax with staying away from it…and I can tell.

    • Dawn,
      What I have found is that once you determine and eliminate that food from your diet, it is not forever. I can now eat Peanut Butter and gluten(in moderation). I think that where I went wrong was eating too much of it everyday. Now when I do eat it, I know that it is a treat and not a staple in my diet.
      I have learned to substitute other things just fine. I feel much better now and I do not have to completely restrict myself anymore. It did take a couple of years though.

  4. Kim McAlevy says:

    Thanks for giving my yiur website.

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