Pretty Redhead

Pretty Redhead

Why chickens?
People say that they are stupid, dirty and loud.
If you take 25 chickens, put them in a pen, give them food and water, and clean up after them once a week; I agree.
If you took some dogs, put them in a pen, give them food and water, and clean up after them once a week, they too, are stupid, dirty, and loud.
My first hen was a single bird. I had bought two chicks at the feed store. When they were about 3 months old, Berniece drowned in our swimming pool. Abigail was left with only me to console her. She had free run of the backyard. She did not seem to know that she was a chicken. She played with the dog, and followed me around the backyard.

When people came over, I allowed her to dress up in my bracelet. It was her favorite. One of my friends made her a sweater, and although she did not like it, she posed for a picture. I have to scan that one in so that I can share it with you. I have since heard about chicken diapers. I will not do that!

Abigail would run to the back door, and cackle after she laid an egg. I would come out, and run to the nest with her. After I made a big deal about her egg, I would give her a Ritz cracker.

I admit that chickens are not as smart as dogs. I was never able to house break her. She did not live in the house, although she adored Steve, and wanted to sleep in our bed (I needed to  find her a boyfriend). But any animal becomes smarter when paid attention too. Abigail would come to her name, and get in our lap, or sometimes just sit at our feet.

Chickens are quieter than my neighbor’s dog. It is easy to keep a few hens in a backyard, and they provide you with fresh eggs. Why Chickens? Why anything? Why not? Giving a dozen of fresh beautiful eggs is a good way to share life’s abundance with others. Besides, if the chickens are dirty, it is because their person did not clean up after them. Just like any pet; they eat AND they poop.


10 Responses to Chickens

  1. I love that picture!

  2. So happy to have found another AZ farmer! We live outside of Tucson and have a large flock of chickens. Once I am done with brain surgeries- hopefully just one more of a very rare, immensely painful nerve disorder, we plan on getting goats to milk and learn more about aquaponics! It’s nice to meet you!

    • Welcome Tracy-please keep in touch. Though your condition is a nerve disorder and I will believe in a miracle for you, I know of many “Arizona farmers” who are using real food to improve all kinds of health conditions. That is why I feel so strongly about obtaining a patch of ground to call my own. I will be sharing this place with my friends. Hopefully you will be able to visit sometime when you come west.

  3. Chickens are one of the easiest pets to care for, and each one has a unique, entertaining personality. We adore the little flock we’ve had for the last five years.

    Great analogy with the dogs. My dog lived outside for eight years before we brought her in the house. I never realized how smart she was until she came inside! I never gave her enough credit.

    • Thank you Merry. I have had some people actually be offended by that comparison. I have a friend who lives where she should not have chickens. She got some silky babies and kept them in the house for pets. When one turned out to be a male, she brought him to me. He stayed in the house for a few nights and sat on Steve’s lap. It seems that “Zeuss” likes football and did not root for the Cardinals. Needless to say he is now outside in a pen with some pullets. He is a very nurturing boy. He will let them crawl under him at night to get warm. It is funny to watch, because they are as big as he is.

  4. sarah abboud says:

    How lovely to read about your life in Arizona. I live in New South Wales Australia in a subtropical area not far from the Pacific Ocean we get lots of rain and it is very green but nevertheless we have a lot in common. I love the way you write ….

    • Sarah, Thank you so much for your lovely comment. my former husband spent time in NSW and brought me home a stuffed Koala bear that was a music box. Of coarse it played “Waltzing Matilda”.
      I used to live near the Pacific Ocean as well, but in California. I had beautiful gardens there and they were much easier to grow. It took me a while to learn how to grow in the Arizona Desert; but now I love it. The summers are difficult for the animals though and I am learning to make them comfortable. Please feel free to share some of your experiences in Australia with us here or on the face book page. This “Yank” loves you “Aussies”!

  5. sarah abboud says:

    Thank you I will share some experiences … down the track keep up the good work !

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