Lady Bountiful (Part 1)

Lady Bountiful

Lady Bountiful

Several years ago, I was treated to a wonderful birthday present. I got to spend the night at the REDSTONE CASTLE in Carbondale Colorado.

The bed and breakfast had originally been home to the owner of the mine. It sat on a hill over looking the little town where the miners lived. Of coarse he was wealthy and had spent lots of money on the décor of the place to impress his wife Alma who was from Europe.

I fell in love with the place and hope to return someday. I would love to go at Christmas time and ride in the horse drawn sleigh. Let me tell you why.

As we went on the tour of the estate and heard the many stories of the wealthy people and dignitaries that have been entertained there, only one story impressed me. The story about the lady of the manor. Her bedroom and sitting rooms were designed so that she could look out the window in order to observe anyone that came to visit.

As she watched the visitors arrive, she paid attention to how the lady was dressed. If she was dressed down, the lady of the home would dress down so that her guest would not feel out of place. Basically, she would dress according to how her guest was dressed. I like her!

Though her husband was wealthy, she knew that the people of the mining town were not. She would often hitch up her horses and travel to the little town and bring gifts from her garden, and her kitchen. The women and children of the town grew to love her- not just because of her gifts, but because of the way that she spoke to them as sisters and people of worth. She also brought gifts for the children at Christmas time. The towns people referred to her as “Lady Bountiful”

It was my pleasure to be able to spend the night in the room that was hers. I looked out the windows and fantasized about what it may have been like. I know that the differences between social states may have made it difficult to do what she did. Her husband must have loved her to allow her to be so benevolent. But I grew to really like her.

As I lay in that bed-in the room where she slept, I felt like I connected with who she was. Bored snobby lady of the Manor? I choose to think not. I choose to think that she had a loving heart. By the time that I woke up the next morning, I felt like I was a better for having slept in her room and hearing her story.

Fantasy, romance- was it even a true story? I sure hope so!

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6 Responses to Lady Bountiful (Part 1)

  1. How interesting. I have never heard of her. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Kayla Kamp says:

    Great story! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is totally cool! What a classy classy lady. I’m thinking that she might just have known the Lord and wanted to be like Him. She certainly showed it in her life. What a fun, fun experience to sleep in her Castle!

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