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Donna’s Love Story to Steve

Donna’s Love Story to Steve When I found myself single again after 2 failed marriages; I had lost hope of ever finding a true love story in my life. When I met Steve, I knew that he was a good … Continue reading

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Words of Affirmation

You’re amazing! This is a phrase that I have learned to use on a daily basis. When my kids were little, I would say “Do you know how much I love you?” or “You are so smart!” and of course; … Continue reading

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My Evolving Practice of Sustainability

When I lived in an apartment, sustainability meant growing some plants in pots on the front stoop,  cooking a pot of beans for dinner instead of opening a can, or growing some kombucha on the counter. I even asked the apartment … Continue reading

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Getting along with the bees.

Having animals on the farm is like learning to get along in a new work place. We are all different and rather than just shut someone out, it is usually better to attempt to work things out. I very rarely … Continue reading

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The Seeds that You Plant will Grow

Today is Steve’s birthday and I am exhausted. You see-around here; a birthday is a week long. We have had his kids come to stay, we have been playing with his grandkids, and going to dinner with friends-all week long. This … Continue reading

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The Conversion is Almost Complete

When I first met Steve, he was a city boy through and through. He drove a two door Mustang, he wore a suit and tie to work; and he lived in an HOA. What did we ever see in each other? Well, … Continue reading

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Keeping Our Ears to the Ground; or Being Tuned In

Last night, Steve and I had an interesting conversation. He likes to keep an eye on wallstreet, politics and the economy. Me, I could care less. I am out in the garden, keeping an eye on the plants and critters.  Steve … Continue reading

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