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Raising Life Brings New Life

  My readers know that my husband passed away in April this past year. When that happened; the little farm property that we bought together (two and a half years ago) did not seem to bring me the same joy … Continue reading

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My First Week Without Eggs.

One of the naturopaths where I work told me that she just knew that eggs would come back as one of my sensitivities. What was her clue? I told her often of my love for eggs as    an almost daily … Continue reading

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My Evolving Practice of Sustainability

When I lived in an apartment, sustainability meant growing some plants in pots on the front stoop,  cooking a pot of beans for dinner instead of opening a can, or growing some kombucha on the counter. I even asked the apartment … Continue reading

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Homesteading in the Desert?

Yes! I have been doing it for over 30 years. I grew up on 10 acres in California. Then came here. After I finished crying-I started planting and keeping records. I have talked at conferences and churches all over Arizona and … Continue reading

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Homemade Ice Cream with a little sumpin sumpin.

It is hot in Arizona. Today someone told me that it was 111 degrees. But I went outside and saw that my animals were in the shade of orange trees. They seem to be fine as long as they get enough water … Continue reading

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Egg Illusions I Recall

Eggs cause  inflammation. Really? No! I guess that you can see where we are headed here. I didn’t really tell you. But I am  taking  us on a journey of the 7 deadly, or inflammation causing foods, and how my elimination … Continue reading

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How Many Laying Hens Are Enough?

I have learned that most farms get a new batch of chicks in every year to “freshen” their flocks. Here is why. Depending on the breed of chicken, a hen will begin to lay anywhere between 5-8 months old. A first … Continue reading

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