Tagged By God

Yesterday I told you about a conversation that I had on a plane on the way over to St Louis. But now I want to tell you about someone that I met as soon as I stepped off the curb at the airport.

His name is Andrew. He was the shuttle bus driver for the car rental company that we chose. He is an energetic, vibrant young man with big beautiful smile. He helped us stow our bags and entertained us on the ride. He was working hard on stealing my heart, but to no avail; it is already taken. So he settled for asking if he could come and visit us in Arizona, so that he could meet my girlfriends.

He winked and said that he was an equal opportunity lover as long as she loved Jesus. I added him to my friends in Facebook. I told him that if he really did come to Arizona; I would invite my eligible Jesus lovin ladies to have a party for him.

As we were getting off the shuttle; he told me to hold out my hand. He stretched out a silicone band that said “Tagged by God” and said “Tag you are it, now go encourage someone else.” I said “Yes sir!” and gave him and hug. Then off we went to go and get a rental car.

So much fun everywhere we go!


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to Tagged By God

  1. Susan says:

    You are having the most interesting and inspiring adventures! Thanks for sharing. I don’t get to go anywhere much. The last time I went on a big road trip it was to get our daughter for her Grandma’s (my MIL) funeral. Going to North Carolina took me 13.5 hours. I was alone (not really, God was with me, but no other human). The way back took 18.5 hours because small grandsons have small bladders and need to stop and run around a bit.

    I’ve been both directions in the US since 2016. The other road trip was to Texas to collect our son who had a total psychotic break. Now that I call my WiLd Texas Road Trip. God got me through each one of those trips. I had eye tics for a month after Texas.

    Your adventures sound like a lot more fun, but we all have different paths in life. Soldier on!

  2. Susan, I have never been much of a traveler, My late husband Steve whom I did and still adore was very much a home body. I was content to stay at home with him. Life has changed. He is in heaven and I am here. So I am doing things differently now. I wish you safe travels in the future my friend. God bless you sister.

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