Reaching Out!

And Reaching up and Reaching down.

People. I love them. Men, women, boys and girls. I understand why people

are God’s greatest economy. I also understand why if we love God; we are to love others.

We are all different, but the differences fascinate me and always have.

I am a sanguine/otter/ENFP/encourager/entertainer/campaigner. I balance myself by attempting to develop the Melancholy/Beaver traits because they are much more organized than I am. My best friends tend to be melancholy or phlegmatic/Golden Retrievers. I tend to shy away from the bossy choleric/ lions who lead by powerful forces. I tend to lead in a softer way.

So, as I go through life, I look for opportunities to connect and get to know someone by chatting. It is very common for me after a short visit with a new person to hand them my phone and ask them if they would like to put their number in it. Most of the time they seem pleasantly surprised by my innocent but expectant request.

The reason that I find myself writing this is because, I just ran across a card of someone that I met about 3 months ago. I just called her and she answered. She was out of town visiting family, but was so thrilled to receive this call. She did not remember me at first, but when I reminded her of how we met; she remembered and said that this was just what she needed today.

Admit it, don’t we all need this sometimes? Just to think that we are important enough to be pursued in a new relationship. There is joy to be found there.

We kept the conversation brief, but planned a coffee date when she gets back. A new friend? I hope so, but even it is just a brief moment of encouragement, or joy in each others lives, that is enough for me.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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