Allowing Others to Serve Me

That is a tough one sometimes. Being the oldest of 5; I think that I know what is best for others. I can be rather strong in my suggestions, and I jump right in there to help them.

But taking a step back, and allowing others to speak into my life, or do something for me is difficult. I know how to ask for help after I have become overwhelmed, but in the asking I still feel like I am the one in charge (?)

For the first time in my life, I am actually finding comfort in someone putting their arm around me to guide me in a direction, and to help me make decisions.

I have surrounded myself with people who have the same belief system that I have, and allow them to speak into my life.

I have a large home, an agricultural property full of livestock. There are floors to mop, animals to feed, trees to trim and grass to mow. So much grass!

The riding lawn mower does not fit me. I really like the push mower, and I spend hours doing it. I can pray while I mow early in the morning before work, and I find it to be great abdominal exercise.

I am also gone a lot because I have found myself to be very active with my church group, and all the activities; like bowling, dancing, and dinners out.

But they have come; true friends. When the car batteries died, when the air conditioner broke, when the front yard flooded, when the pig got out and crushed the PVC pipe to the sprinklers, when the outside lights quit working, when the cable box went out, and when the batteries in the blue ray  remote went out. Don’t laugh, I never touched a remote when Steve was with me. Friends were there.

When my dog Cody was stolen, leaving us unprotected; and the coyotes came to eat half of my chicken flock. Friends came to take the chickens, and sheep to safety until I could figure out how to make things right for them here.

When I thought about selling; my sister came to help me box stuff up in order to stage the place. Now that I am not selling after all, I look at my beautiful home, and give a deep sigh. I like it uncluttered.

When I get a little anxiety about allowing others to help me, I just remember what a blessing it is for me when I help. Then I give them a hug, tell them how much their help has blessed me, and watch for that little light in their face.

The light that shows when you discover the joy of sharing your life’s abundance.




About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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3 Responses to Allowing Others to Serve Me

  1. It is hard to accept help, but those who serve you appreciate the chance.

  2. cg517 says:

    Yes i agree……the air went out in July only after 7 years….now i need a new roof…..and I need the house painted……….and I got locked out of the house 2 times, never happened before……thank goodness the neighbors were home and also I lost my keys the first time but found them at the store but my friend had a spare good thing she wasnt out of town……the toaster broke, the toaster oven broke…..The toilet seat was very loose……..and the toliet wouldnt flush need a new valve……….the water heater broke on super bowl sunday…… yup thought about selling too have a 1/4 acre but then the next house may be remodeling and maybe not……..might as well stay here and unclutter………….sounds like both of us are in the same boat……….It’s hard……….

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