Hospice Care

Hospice showed up that same day. They interviewed me while Steve slept. I took them into the other room and told them what I knew. They told me that I could be right based on what they saw.

A bed was delivered, and I put it next to my side of the bed. I wanted him on the couch though to be around family.

People were stopping by to visit, and to bring food. So much food. Mostly bread, casseroles, and baked goods. One of my nurse friends thought to bring a huge assortment of fruits and  vegetables.

Wednesday evening; he sat up as lucid as could be, and announced that  he wanted to read his will. He wanted the kids to go unlock the gun safe, and to bring the guns to him. He wanted me to bring his coin collection and “settle things”.

He told the kids that he had a life insurance policy that would leave  each of them a certain large sum of money, he went over each gun and gave them to his kids. He went over his coin collection and gave them to the kids. Then he said very clearly “I want you all to know that I love Donna, she has been very good to me. Every thing that we have, we built together, so you need to know that everything else is hers, and you are to be ok with that.”

As soon as he was finished-he was out again. We got him to my room; put him in the hospital bed, and there he stayed.

He had not been eating or drinking for a couple of days. I knew that his body was shutting down and though I wanted to urge him to get something into him, it would actually make it worse. He was not even eliminating anymore. The one thing that he did do is when I would go to kiss his cheek, he would turn his head to receive the kiss on his mouth. He said “I love you” over and over.

He wanted nothing, but a wet rag to suck on, and his throat spray. I kept lip balm on his lips. People came to visit and he would force himself to “be up” for them. But it did not last long.



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2 Responses to Hospice Care

  1. CastIronDan says:

    It was good that Steve got to come home… my Dad is on hospice and I’m thankful for the service that they provide!

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