More Hospital Stuff

On Tuesday morning, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me that I was not going to go to work today. I said, “Ok” and called in. Steve had been in the hospital for 10 days now, he had been put on NPO several times in preparation for procedures that ended up getting cancelled. By the time he was supposed to go for the procedure, he was told that his NPO status would have to continue; as the procedure as postponed for another 8 hours.

He was getting weaker and sicker everyday, He was given too much lovenox, and needed a Vit K shot to save his life. Then the new grad nurse did not see the discontinue order, so she gave him another dose of lovenox.

When I walked into the room Steve was receiving a blood transfusion. There was no-one in the room. I sat there for 30 minutes and no-one came in. I called the nurse and asked why she was not supervising the blood transfusion properly, and her excuse was that the floor was short staffed.

I started inspecting Steve’s arms and chest. I saw that he had broken out in a rash. I asked the nurse to stop the transfusion, and call a doctor. She told me that that was not necessary. So I went out into the hall, and asked an older nurse to please come in the room. She inspected Steve, shut off the transfusion and called the doctor.

After this particular event, Steve never completely gained lucidity while at the hospital. I am not sure if it was the blood event, or the pain meds. I was bewildered though and realized that something was terribly wrong. The doctors were still saying months. I knew differently.

On my way home that night, I prayed and told God that if Steve was not going to recover fully, would He please take him now, Steve would never have wanted to linger in this condition.



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4 Responses to More Hospital Stuff

  1. Kelea Nevis says:

    It is a difficult thing to juggle the responsibilities of a job, and the healthcare of a loved one. I was fired for choosing the latter back in 2001. But, had I not been there Jim would not be here. Thankfully, I only had to choose between my animals and my husband in 2013, and as soon as she could my Mom drove 15 hours straight through to care for the animals.
    Again, with the difficulties we experienced because of egos in the hospital, had I not been there Jim would not be here.
    I praise God that you listened to the Holy Spirit. No, it didn’t keep Steve from ultimately being taken from this earth but it saved him that very day, I know it.
    I’m reading with rapt attention Donna, and I’m still praying for you. Sending love and hugs, Kelea.

    • Thank you Kelea. I knew that you would be reading and I feel your prayers. Please know that I am doing so much better than I ever could have imagined. I am making new friends and helping people that I would have never even met had this not happened. I do not consider myself a widow, nor a single. I am not Donna without Steve, or Donna without a mate. Now, I am Donna with Jesus.

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