Our Trip to the Cabin

If you find yourself here, it will make more sense for you to scroll down (or page back)to my 2 posts that I wrote on October 29th, as I tell my story in short blasts.

We drove and talked, I asked him when he was going to tell his kids. He was not happy with me for pushing him. He said that he did not want them to know until he could wrap his own head around it. He told me that I needed to stop badgering him about that subject.

I realized that my job was just to comfort him, so I encouraged him to talk about what he wanted to talk about. Steve was not a talker, but he did a lot of talking on the way up. He talked about what he wanted me to do. He felt that I should apply at Boeing to be an employee health nurse so that I could have benefits after he was gone. He told me about his doctor visit, how he wrote his will, and looked at the finances. He told me that he wanted to do it without me there because he was afraid that I would get emotional, and make it harder for him to do what he needed to do to take care of me.

When we got to the cabin, he was not interested in taking part in the fun, the conversation or even the meals. Saturday night I crawled into bed next to him, and could hear his heart beating so hard. I told him to get up so that I could take him to the ER in Payson. He did not want to go, but I threatened to call an ambulance, so he agreed.

The ER doc said that he had a horrible infection, and needed to be admitted. He wanted to go home, I told him that I needed to go and clean up the cabin. They would transfer him down to Banner Gateway and I would stop to see him when I got down into town.

When I got to see him at Gateway, it was Sunday night. He was so weak, I never really quite understood the infection, they called it pneumonia, but his lungs were clear. He told me that he was ready to call his kids. I sat with him while he called each one.

The doctor assured me that he would be in the hospital just long enough to get enough antibiotics to fight off the infection, and then he would be strong enough to go home. They were still talking 6 months at that time.


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  1. CastIronDan says:

    Thanks for sharing Donna. I usually click “like” on your posts, but that just does not fit. I wish that WordPress could give us another option…

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