My First Week Without Eggs.

I love to eat eggs, cook with eggs, bake with eggs. I miss my eggs.

I love to eat eggs, cook with eggs, bake with eggs. I miss my eggs.

One of the naturopaths where I work told me that she just knew that eggs would come back as one of my sensitivities. What was her clue? I told her often of my love for eggs as    an almost daily food. She said that any thing that we eat on a daily basis is most likely on its way to becoming a food sensitivity for any one with a leaky gut; which is almost everyone.

I thought that my original egg sensitivity was about the corn/soy feed that the chickens were eating. Though this can be a big part of the reason that some cannot eat eggs, sometimes it is truly about the egg.

I am no longer sensitive to corn or soy, but I am still slightly sensitive to eggs. (Boo!) It does make sense. I eat eggs almost every day. This is really too often, but I did not care. Not until I realized that eating eggs was standing in the way of healing my gut. It is truly now the egg protein that my body recognizes as an intruder.

I know, I am probably making too big of a deal about it, but these are not just any eggs. They are the eggs from my chickens who run and play in grassy fields, eating bugs and scraps from my organic garden. I worked hard to raise my flock organically on pasture that I planted for them myself. I have a right to whine. I feel betrayed. I am pretty sad over this. But I am a survivor, I have survived worse. I am a fighter and I will win this battle.

A beautiful girl laying beautiful eggs.

A beautiful girl laying beautiful eggs.

I am feeling pretty grumpy right now. I miss my eggs. But I am determined to kick this leaky gut thing-seal up my gut and have the ability to eat eggs again-in moderation (who said that?).

So instead of acting mean about it. I will bring the eggs to work and share them with my co-workers, I will share them with my family and friends.

Soon my body with have repaired the leaks in the gut and I will be able to eat eggs again.



About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to My First Week Without Eggs.

  1. Sorry you have to give them up. Hopefully, it won’t be for too long. How long does it take to heal everything?

  2. It depends, because everyone is different. I have been working on my issues for years. But I was told that because my list is so small and my numbers are just +1s, that I could be done with this in a month or two. Hooray for Naturopaths!

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