Paleo Apple Kale Cooler for Breakfast

Kales and apples for breakfast

Kales and apples for breakfast

I told one of the doctors in our Naturopathic office about my decision to give up eggs for a month. This decision was based on the results of my food sensitivity  test that I wrote about last week.

Her suggestion was to eat vegetables for breakfast. Nutrition packed vegetables. She told me that her latest kick was to put kale and lemon juice in the blender. I have plenty of kale, but that sounded pretty boring to me, so I changed it up a bit.

After my H.I.I.T. (next post)training on the elliptical this am, I decided to make my cooler. I put a cup of filtered water into my Vitamix. I peeled half of a lemon and put that all in, I put 1 chopped up seeded green apple and flipped the switch on. Then I added a couple of big handfuls of kale and turned the dial to 10 for a couple of minutes. Once the kale was liquefied, I added a dropper full of liquid stevia and then about 4 ice cubes.

It is beautiful, it is healthy and it will help me get those 6-9 cups of veggies in that the doctor says that we need every day. To stay full though I will be looking for a clean source of protein later today.

Update, January 29th. Since coming up with the  Paleo Apple Cooler, I have been mixing it up. I have used my broccoli leaves, and actually any of the edible greens from the garden in my breakfast coolers. I like the apple, but have added strawberries. oranges, or cucumbers.

I have also found that if I get home before Steve and make one for him that he will drink it before dinner.

I win!


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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