Food Sensitivity Testing

Much better than last time.

Much better than last time.

The results are in. I have mostly good news, a little bad news and some great news.

The good news first. A few years ago I had my food sensitivities drawn. At that time peanuts were very bad for me, corn and soy were also bad. Dairy and eggs were high. There were others, but these were the main ones that troubled me.

So I said “Good bye” to my  first love- peanut butter. I grew up on PB&Js on wonder bread, I ate peanut butter on a spoon and in my Reese’s cups. Chocolate and peanut butter was my favorite combo.

Corn and soy were not hard to give up, except the part about reading every label, because corn or soy is in just about everything. I started feeding my animals corn/soy free feed and only drank the milk from my goats and ate the eggs from my chickens. These foods did not seem to bother me, so I assumed that it was the corn and the soy that the animals were eating.

Now that I had my labs drawn again. I have found that I no longer have the peanut, Corn and soy sensitivity. Yes folks, that’s right. Gone.

Now I am only slightly sensitive to chicken, milk and eggs. Only a +1 mind you, but it is still there. My employer/doctor says that even though this seems like bad news to me; it is really great news. He said that it shows that I have been working really hard on sealing up my leaky gut. Because I went 100% off of peanut butter, corn and soy; the antibodies that my body was creating against them have died.  I can now enjoy an occaisional spoonful of peanut butter. But I have to be careful, because my body still knows how to make those antibodies. So moderation is the key. The funny thing is though now, I do not care about eating peanut butter anymore. The addiction is gone.

So after the doctor said “Way to go!” He tossed me a bottle of Colostrum and a bottle of Glutamine. He said that those two products will enhance my gut healing. He suggested that I stay off of chicken, milk and eggs for a couple of months and then re-test.

Does that mean that my gut will seal and remain sealed forever. Does it mean that I will not ever be sensitive to any other food? Will I ever be 100%? It is possible, but only if I work very hard and stay vigilant.

But I am going to give it my best shot. Sealing the gut will take care of keeping the foods where they are supposed to be-inside the gut. That way our body will not have to work so hard to create antibodies (guardians) that are made to keep the food particles (invaders) out of the atmosphere (other places than the gut). This in turn will allow our bodies to work harder on other things like expelling toxins, and getting healthy. But our leaky  gut is an ongoing battle, it is a response to several things. Poor diet, stress, toxins antibiotics. We cannot control them all, but it is my goal to get as close to 100% as possible. So here goes….


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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  1. Wow, that’s amazing!

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