Considering Naturopathy

Since starting Naturopathic therapies, I am less sensitive to sunlight

Since starting Naturopathic therapies, I am less sensitive to sunlight

As a new nurse with many years of cardiology office experience; I originally thought that I would become a cardiac nurse.

I am after all fascinated with all things heart related. Even my kids knew  growing up that I loved heart shaped jewelry. Not to mention that I am very romantic at heart. (Sorry, I could not help myself).

You all know that I almost quit my job in order to stay home and take care of my 80 year old mother. She was recovering from cardiac bypass at my home on the farm.

But God had other plans for me. Steve showed me a job posting for a naturopath office and told me that he thought that it was the perfect job for me. He was so right.

It has been a couple of months now, and my eyes are truly being opened to the miracle that this is in my life. I am unlearning so much of the conventional medicine that I worked so hard to learn. It is coming easy though, because it makes more sense. One staff member reminded me today that without my nursing knowledge, I would not be able to understand what the doctor is sharing with me. This is true.

My doctor/employer and his staff are being so patient with me as I learn. I draw blood everyday, I hang IVs, I do IV  pushes, and give injections. But it more about nutrients and supplementation than medicine. It is about knowing what types of labs to run; in order to ask the body “How can we  truly help you to become healthier?”

I am actually learning how to support the body and assist it in doing the job that it was meant to do.

I am learning that cholesterol is not the enemy that I once believed it to be. I am becoming so intolerant of refined foods. I am learning more about eating (and enjoying) a paleo-esk lifestyle.

Here is something that I found truly terrible. I went to my eye doctor and was told that my vision had improved since October. That has not happened to me since I was diagnosed with Uveitis 11 years ago. I told her what my naturopath employer is having me do. I mentioned that my eyes are less sensitive to sunlight. I even occasionally forget to wear my sunglasses. This is very uncommon for me.

My eye doctor told me that eye specialists are aware of the benefits of these therapies. I asked “Then why was I not told about it 11 years ago? This would have saved me a lot of pain and mental anguish.” The response was that there is no evidence based research to prove those therapies to work.” I  said “You and I both know that most of the research that is done is paid for by Pharmaceutical companies. It would not benefit them to pay for this kind of research.” The response that I got was a shrug and a suggestion that she would be very interested to follow the success that I have with my eyes. I am not making a quick decision here yet because she does know my history, but maybe it is time to look for an eye doctor that believes in Naturopathy.

Or maybe, just maybe God wants her to see the healing happen. Maybe she could help others eventually.



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2 Responses to Considering Naturopathy

  1. I’m glad to hear your story. In my own life, I tried to find health answers conventionally, but did not find relief until I started working with Naturopaths and D.O.’s. I know there are uses for different kinds of medicine & healing, but the naturopath way was the first to actually help me, and the relief is amazing. 🙂

    • So happy to hear that Rose. Relief is a good word. My mom who is 80 recently had cardiac by-pass. She is now seeing one of our docs. It is wonderful to see the relief and return to her previous vigor that she is receiving now after years of cardiologists telling her that she is “as good as she is going to get”.

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