My first B-12 Injection

Part of my duties at my new job is to administer a vitamin B-12 injection to our patients who want them.

Before this, I had only heard of Vitamin B-12 injections for  elderly or anemic patients. But now I see people from their early 20s on up who get the injection every week.

As I prepare to give the injection, I like to ask the patient about their experience with this therapy. I tell them that this is new to me and I am very interested in hearing about it. They are very happy to tell me.

Most of the people tell me that they have more energy throughout the day. They are finding that they can come home from work, and accomplish much more at night before going to bed. Some of them say that their focus is better, and they are even starting to loose some weight.

This peaked my interest and I started doing some research.

I then decided to try an injection for myself. T’was a Thursday. I really did not notice a difference at first. Looking back, I remember that on Friday night I slept like a baby. As a matter of fact, for the next 3 nights-my head hit the pillow and the next thing I remember was the alarm going off. I felt rested and energetic  when I woke up the next morning.

I did not attribute any of it to the injection until I came home from work on Monday and Steve said to me “Honey, how much coffee did you have today?” I answered “Just one cup this morning.” He said “Well you must be doing something different, you have so much energy tonight that you are becoming annoying!”

Well (said in a huffy tone of voice)! It must be the B-12 injection’s fault. Oh wait, that is a good thing.

As a matter of fact there have been a lot of good things happen lately.  As my mom likes to say “Ain’t life grande?”


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