On the mend…

The doctor told me to stop giving mom her pain meds. But she had a few left, so I made the decision to give her one at bedtime and one on her bedside table in case she woke up in the wee hours in pain.

I give her one cup of coffee to start her day, and if she gets achy during the day; I let her have Tylenol. She has weaned herself off of the night-time dose and is down to one dose of Tylenol during the day.

She has been walking without her walker, and only uses the pillow for sitting/laying down or standing up.

She is pooping just fine. There it is again, I must be obsessed with that subject. Oh well, I am a nurse after all. This is the last time that I will mention it.

She still uses the shower chair, she is independent with that; but I still go in there with her and read a magazine incase she gets into trouble.

Her appetite has returned and she is more interested in conversation, but she is still showing some signs of confusion.

I take her to the surgeon tomorrow and the cardiologist on Friday.

I am sure that her cardiac rehab will start soon.

I think that we are almost out of the woods folks.


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