Taking care of mom

My mom is 4’10, but when she is mad-she is about 6 ft tall. We  have lovingly teased her about how we all thought that she was tall-when we were little kids. But by the time that we were 10 we had caught up to her.

There are 5 of us and I am the shortest, but I am taller than her.

Mom had a cardiac bypass surgery and then a few hours later had to go back to surgery to correct some internal bleeding that was caused by a clot. Her stay was extended for two days but then she developed pneumonia. Her total stay was 15 days.

She is now recovering at my home.

I have felt led to quit my job of taking care of 22 patients everyday-for now. Now I am down to one. I am going to journal about her care so that others can benefit.

When I brought her home, I had to put her in the back seat because the possibility of an air bag going off in the front seat would indeed kill her.  So she sat in the back seat with the heart shaped pillow that she came home with.

That pillow is a very important piece of her recovery. Her sternum is put together with wire and the rest is put together with super glue. If she coughs without it, it could cause issues with her incision. When she sits up, lays down, stands up or sits down-she needs to hug the pillow tight to protect her chest muscles as they mend.

Volunteers at the hospital made that pillow. Love was poured into making it and mom is to treat it as her very best friend, for a while.

I set my phone to every 4 hours to make sure that she got her pain pill on time. I am not a big advocate of pain meds, but she is truly hurting and needs to be in as little pain as possible right now, so that she can rest, heal and do things like walk around, sit up at the table with us to eat, and to visit. Believe it or not, the visiting is just as important to her mental health as the good food is for her healing.

For breakfast this morning we had oatmeal with raisins and protein powder mixed in. I had to nag at her to finish it. I made her stay up and visit with me for awhile and then put her back to bed. I had her do her breathing treatment, and use her incentive spirometer before I allowed her to lay down again.

When I give her the next pain pill, I will give it a few minutes and then get her up for another round of me nagging at her. Deep down I know that she likes it, that is what keeps me ok with doing it.

Tonight I will put her in a shower chair and shampoo her hair with baby shampoo and wash her. Then I will put lotion on her and put her in fresh jammies. so she can get a comfy night sleep.

Tomorrow is a big day. We are going to drive out to Glendale to see her cardiologist.

So, the hospital told me that she could be left alone while I worked today.   What in the world are those people thinking? Personally, I think that she should have been sent to a rehab, but Medicare will not cover it. If she were on welfare, they would.

That really chaps my hide. But that is a story for another time.


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2 Responses to Taking care of mom

  1. cg517 says:

    I don’t know what Drs think when they make comments like that….if they say recovery is 4 weeks add another 4 on it and so on…….What the heck if she fell while you were at work?? You’d be kicking yourself in listening to the drs! Keep blogging…sounds like she would get better care with you then at rehab….

  2. Carma you are correct. I will keep blogging this experience. I know that we all experience things differently, but there may be someone that I can encourage by SHARING this story. It has also been a very emotional experience for me. So someone may be able to learn from this that it is ok to feel pulled in different directions.

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