Pet Therapy

My mom has a little dog. Her name is Sprite. She is part Jack Russell and part  Schnauzer. Mom loves that little dog.

I have never been a fan of small yappy dogs. Because they are small, many owners tend to not train them, but instead attempt to control them by yanking on a leash, yelling or not controlling them at all.

I find more and more that I am charmed by well behaved pets and children, but not really interested in the opposite.

Sprite has certainly earned my respect though during this issue with my mom. When she would come to visit, our house was a cacophony of Sprite’s high pitched yelp and mom yelling at her to shut up and then over and over again and again.

But Sprite has matured and has understood that our home is not the place for that.

Sprite had no way of knowing why mom left her for 15 days. She stayed at my son’s home while mom was in the hospital. So after I picked my mom up, I stopped by my son’s house to pick Sprite up.

Sprite was so happy to see mom, but she knew that something was different. Though she wanted to bound into mom’s lap and dance on her chest; she restrained herself and carefully sniffed mom all over. Then she settled down on the seat next to her.

That is where she has been ever since. Next to her on the bed, or in the chair. Never once has she offered to get on mom’s lap. She has been very quiet. No barking or jumping. Just there.

When I get up in the night and let her out to pee, she gets up and looks back at my mom, only then will she go outside with me. She will only go out side just long enough to do what needs done, and then she runs back to my mom’s room and curls up next to her on the bed.

I have fallen in love with this little guardian angel that “protects” my mom as she sleeps. I know that my mom would be lost without her.




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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to Pet Therapy

  1. cg517 says:

    Dogs have a keen sense when something is not right and Sprite knows….just let her be, she maybe good for your mom………..

  2. You are right Carma. I have and she is.

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