Pain meds and recovery

When my mom first came home from the hospital, she came with a supply of pain meds. I am not a fan. But, this was a major surgery.

My mom still needed to get up and move around, take a shower or go to the doctors appointments. So in the beginning, we timed the meds just prior to any activities that would cause pain. The problem is that once the pain meds would kick in, we only had a short window of time to get what we needed done, before she would dose off.  Also, pain meds cause constipation which required bowel care methods. But that I can handle. I know all about bowel care. I was not nicknamed “Bowel Care Donna” at the rehab for nothing. No worries! I know how to keep my mom pooping.

When we went to her first follow up with the Cardiologist, I shared my thoughts with the Dr. He gave me permission to change up her routine. This is what we are currently doing.

Mom gets her pain pill just before bed. She has another one on the bedside table that she can take if she wakes in the wee hours and hurts. But once the sun is up all I give her is extra strength Tylenol. She can have it every 4 hours.

Here is what is happening with our change. She no longer needs the bowel care, she is more interested in eating. She is staying up longer and participating in conversations. She even asked for something to do to help me today. So I gave her some rubber gloves and put her to work on all the garlic bulbs. I had her separate them so that I could plant them today.

After I gave her the pain pill tonight, I told her that tomorrow; I expect her to wash and fold the laundry, sweep the floors and wash the dishes. She said “Yeah sure, goodnight baby”

Good night mom- sleep good.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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