My first week at work as an RN

This may not have anything to do with my blog and life motto of Sharing Life’s Abundance. 

But I wanted to share this with all of my family and friends.

My first day of work was Monday (Labor Day). I got up at 3:30 to milk the goats, feed the animals and hand water the plants that needed it. I left the house at 5:15 to make sure that I would not be late to start the 6:00 am to 6:00 pm shift. It turns out that my trainer lives a block away, so we will car pool on the days that we both work. It was a very busy day; full of Nurse Donna making mistakes-apologizing for not knowing the answers and retracing my steps when I found out the answers. When I got home, Steve told me how much he missed me not being there all day. He built a new garden structure for me and watered the animals. The house was straightened and the dishes were done. He watered all my animals so all that I had to do was feed, milk and water the gardens. I was wound up, so it was hard to sleep; but I got up at 3:30 am the next  day to do it all over again. Less mistakes, more understanding of how to organize myself and more answers than the first time.

I have been saying all along that it was not my intention to work full time, I thought that 3- 12 hour days would be too rough with all that I have going on. But I know that this is where I am supposed to be. I even believe that this could be where I want to stay for the rest of my career years. I will tell you why.

I met with the administrator and he told me some very interesting things. He told me that when I came in to interview that there were “plants” to help check me out. Do you remember my post about when I interviewed? Well, it seems that I had it all wrong. He told me that when I walked in the door, that I greeted everyone from the housekeeper (plant), the receptionist (plant), and the older gentleman that I struck up a conversation with (plant). I had thought “wow, these people are all so friendly” Well it turns out that it was I who greeted them. They reported to him, and he made the decision to hire me.

“You see”, he said to me “I want to know that the people we hire will treat everyone with kindness, not just the interviewers or the bosses. In return we treat them like family. Clients are second, staff is first. We believe that if we treat the staff like family, then they will treat each other like family and in turn work as a team to give our clients the very best care. The clients will love us for that and spread the word.”

What a concept!  I have only worked for places that the clients were first, they were always right and if they made a complaint about an employee; it went into the file. The complaint could have been nothing more than waiting too long for a nurse to fetch them a cup of coffee. That only breeds bitterness for everybody.

As I share this story with people, they say to me “Donna you found the right place for you with the first shot.” I know. I had some help. As I look back at my life, everything that I have been through and where I am today; all I can say is, “There is a God and God is so good!

Now I look back at my intro and realize- this does have everything to do with my blog and my motto. My life is full of abundance, and I absolutely love sharing it.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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4 Responses to My first week at work as an RN

  1. cg517 says:

    Very nice and glad for you……..That is certainly a different way to interview!

  2. Thank you Carma. Yes I agree. I think that everyone should do it.

  3. Sophie33 says:

    Well done you & getting up so early is really early! You do a whole lot of work before going to your actually work! xxx thumbs up for you & your lovely husband too! 🙂 xxx

  4. Since I wrote this post I found out just how difficult the job really is and just what a great guy I have. More on both later.

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