Learning to Maximize My Community


I wish that I was good enough to make up my own pictures. But this will work.

I wish that I was good enough to make up my own pictures. But this will work.

Remember my post about keeping all the plates spinning? Well, I have gotten to that point where I can’t keep all the plates spinning-by myself.

Does that mean that I am going to be giving any thing up? Heck no! I love my life. I love all the wonderful things that I do.

Returning to work full time as a registered nurse will be a challenge because most RNs are expected to work 12  hour shifts with rotating schedules. But I learned a few things back in my single mom days. I worked full time back then too, I had two kids at home and kept a small farm in my backyard.

What did I learn? Well first off, I learned to organize myself. I taught my kids the importance of each one doing their share of the work and I had a group of close friends who were willing to pitch in and help each other.

Here are some examples. After my dad passed away; my mom chose to stay in Tucson. Over time, she grew lonely for the family. Most of us were in the Phoenix area, and all had very busy lives. We would visit, but never stayed as long as she would have liked. I could do no more than that at the time.

When my daughter presented me with my first grandson, I was in nursing school and could not help out when she returned to school. So I invited my mom to come and live with us while I finished school. She kept the baby here while my daughter was in her first year of a two year program and I finished up my last part of nursing school. This took care of my mom’s loneliness and gave her a “purpose” while keeping our baby out of a day care facility. Steve and I kept a close eye on mom to make sure that she was up to the challenge of a newborn. She was awesome!

Then when my son and daughter-in-law had their first born, my mom moved in with them to “nanny” and since I was done with school, I took over part of the care of the first grandson and the other gramma ( I love her, she is wonderful to my daughter) did the rest. See? My daughter is learning to use community too.

Since moving to this area, I have invited new friends over to meet once a month. We call ourselves a gardening community, but we are so much more. I have learned who the ones are that I would trust with my life and the ones who would help if they could- but are just to busy to be counted on.

In this  group there are people who could be counted on to farm sit, to baby sit and even clean house if I needed. Because I am earning a paycheck, they will be generously rewarded for their time and their care. So this will be blessing their families too. Because of my rotating schedules, I have asked them to be on call. I will only call when I need them. I love how this is all working out.

Steve says that he will take care of watering my animals, doing the dishes and making dinner on the nights that I work. For a guy who only washes dishes at Christmas time and does not know how to find the peanut butter, this is a very generous offer. We will see. Though I live expectantly, I would rather quit work than fight with him over the house work.

Working 3- 12 shifts per week will be hard: I will have to get up early to milk the goats and feed the animals and then do it again when I get home. But I did it during nursing school clinicals- while studying for finals. This should be less stressful, because there will be no tests. Thank heaven!

Besides, there will be 4 other days of the week to enjoy my family, tend my flocks and herds, call my girl friends, walk the mall with Mrs. V and go to dinner with Mr and Mrs S.

Hooray for community!


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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4 Responses to Learning to Maximize My Community

  1. Joe says:

    OMG you are terrific

  2. Sophie33 says:

    When I worked as an oncology nurse, we had to do often 12 hours shifts. It is a long shift. Try to get some rest later on. xxx

  3. Thank you Sophie. It seems that my 12 hour shifts are more like 14 plus drive time. But we are working it out.

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