Celebrating with Friends

You are my reason for celebrating.

You are my reason for celebrating.

Our family loves to celebrate. I think that I started that when the kids were little. We had a party for everything, even the dogs birthday. Birthdays last a week in our home. We start about one week ahead, and the grand finale is on the actual day.

Most of my friends know this about me, so when I recently passed my RN state boards, I was “forced” to get out the calendar. I filled it in with family celebrations, dinners out with couple friends, one girl friend treated me to cheese cake. Another friend and I celebrated each other; over lunch at a local wine bar.

I wanted to share that last experience with you because it was so different.

This place started out as a pizza and sub shop with wine. Now they have a five star chef and a dessert chef. Steve and I go there quite often with friends so they know us there now.

My friend Ms N and I had both just passed our boards. We both love wine and decided to go for a late lunch. I got there  early. I was the only customer in this posh, dimly lit restaurant. I was greeted by a waitress that recognized me. I told her my friend’s name and when Ms N arrived she was also greeted by name. Wow! These people really know how to make you feel good.

We looked over the menus, but I had a little secret to share with Ms N. This chef is very creative and loves to impress. So I always ask for “The Chef’s Whim” . I never know what I am going to get, but it is always amazing. So, even though she was a little nervous, she did too.

What followed was incredible. This chef was busy prepping for the dinner menu, but took the time to whip up a smoked salmon sandwich on black (squid ink) bread. The sauce was avocado-y and amazing. My friend had two lamb chops that were perfectly charred yet pink and tender on the inside. Her side was a mushroom risotto. We shared our meals and tastes of wine. I need to say that my “Pinot Project” wine made magic in my mouth after a bite of charred lamb. That reminds me that I need to look it up and order some.

We decided on dessert-because we could. The dessert chef made up a wonderful bread pudding (sans raisins) that was hollowed out and filled with warm chocolate and caramel. He lit the edges on fire, and the crispy cooked sugar made it seem like it was deep fried. On the side he put a scoop of salted caramel ice cream that he had just made for that night.

Throughout the meal, my friend and I made noises and moans after tastes and sips. We talked about (though not loud enough to annoy anyone) how wonderful everything was. We realized that the two chefs were paying attention, because when my favorite night time waiter came out to greet us, he told us so.

My  point; I really do not know what my point in telling this story is. Is it to remind you that once in a great while two women can have an amazing- fine dining lunch experience for less than $25.00 each?

Is it to remind you that when someone goes to the trouble of feeding you something special-show your appreciation in a way that will bless them. They will remember you next time, and be happy to show off again.

Nope here it is, celebrate those that you love. Laugh with them, love them, make them feel like they are indeed worth celebrating. Yes, even the dog.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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