Turning a City Boy into a Farmer

You all know Steve. When I first met him, his concern centered around keeping his pool maintained and his front lawn green. He loved to tinker in the garage and go yardsaling every Saturday.

When I told him that I wanted to bring my little backyard farm in the city to his backyard in the HOA. He said “No”. At first I thought that he was serious. Then I got him figured out.

So after turning his HOA backyard into a little farm with 800 sq feet of veggie gardens, two Nigerian goats, a breeding trio of rabbits, and an aquaponics tank; he realized that I was serious.

You know the story- after several years of doing this; a “friend” turned me in to the city. I cried, then I got mad and then went political. Steve finally came to the rescue and told me that we could sell our two houses and buy a home on acreage. So we did.

In the beginning, Steve would only eat the eggs and milk. He did say that they were the best that he had ever tasted. He did not want to know how the meat got into the fridge and would only eat it, if we did not talk about where it came from. Again, he said that it was the best chicken, rabbit, or duck that he had ever tasted.

At first he planted shade trees, now he brings home fruit trees and berry bushes.

Now, he helps me put the chickens to bed at night and moves the goat grazing pen to a new area every week. He is also planning on borrowing a tractor to berm up the field. He says that he wants to plant organic alfalfa and organic corn. Hot dog! I also heard him telling a friend that grass fed eggs, milk and meat are the best tasting.

Now just so you know, I love him the way that I found him. He was a generous city boy who had been trained  (for years) that in order to please a woman; you needed to buy her jewelry.

But I must say that I find the transformation (mid-life crisis?) very sexy!

Your happy friend,






About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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