Getting along with the bees.

Having animals on the farm is like learning to get along in a new work place. We are all different and rather than just shut someone out, it is usually better to attempt to work things out. I very rarely close a door unless a terrible breech occurs.

What does that have to do with bees? You will see by the end of this post.

I jump into most new projects head-on. Sometimes I do not even think it through. Other times, I over think. Steve usually says “no” to any new idea that I have, but he rolls his eyes while he is shaking his head. Because he knows that I am bound to at least head in that direction once I feel comfortable.

When I started considering bees. I heard him say “No”. but I got over it.

I was afraid to try it on my own. So I have a friend who is a beekeeper. I told him my sad tale. He told me that he would teach me. He would put a couple of hives on my property, and come and check them every two weeks. I can suit up and go out there with him and he would show me the ropes. My trees and gardens will get pollinated and his bees will have food to make honey.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago.

You see, the mosquitos and spiders all love my blood type. I am like that girl in the vampire book, Bella? She just happens to have a rare type of blood that drives all the vampires crazy!

That is me with the bugs. So I started using lavender oil in the coconut oil that I shave my legs with. Tada! No more spider bites.  But the mosquitoes were still biting my arms. So I started using lavender in my body products.

No more mosquito bites and I loved the smell. So I started using it in my face lotion and shampoo and conditioner. Sheesh! (Visions of spreading lavender blossom all over the bathroom.)

Well, now I started noticing the bees were just loving my hair. No problem. I could hear the curious sounding buzzing, they were not gonna hurt me. Well-the other day I was out in the pasture with the hose and bent over. When I stood up, I accidently bonked the curious bee that was buzzing my hair. He got tangled up-and I heard the sweet curious buzz turn into an angry buzz. He landed and stung. I swatted and killed before I even thought about what I was doing. All of a sudden I heard the angry buzz of his calvary coming to get me. I started to feel panic welling up inside. Then a thought came- so I followed it.

I put my thumb on the hose and turned it skyward, and the water came down like a protective umbrella. I just stood there like that for about 5 minutes. It was actually a very spiritual 5 minutes. I felt that the thought was a gift from above, and I was feeling incredibly thankful for it. I watched as the bees lost interest and left.

So I got stung, big deal. Now I know that I am not allergic to bees. Will I have the hives taken away? Not right now. But I have stopped putting lavender in my face and hair products. Since doing that, I have not had any more “Encounters of the Bee Kind”.

The bees are still an experiment. We will see how it all goes.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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