Fee Fi Fo Figs

Last fall Steve planted a couple of different kinds of fig trees on the property. One of them got frost bit during our hard freeze. But it came back and is more like a bush. I think that I will keep it small.

I like to name the trees. May I introduce you to “Freddie the fig tree”. Figs love the desert heat and July is the time to pick them. One mature tree will give such an ABUNDANT amount of figs that you can certainly share them.

I will make a sack out of wedding tulle to put over the tree to keep the birds off. Figs are sticky and any that fall will draw ants. So once the tree is mature, I will put a little pen under it to keep chickens in. They will  have shade, and will be more than happy to keep the rotten figs cleaned up for us.

We love to eat the figs with goat cheese. I enjoy canning them too. I just freeze them during the ABUNDANT season and then pick a day to can them.

One thing that I must warn you about. I have gone gleaning from other friends fig trees and have learned this the hard way. Even though it is hot, you need to wear gloves, and long sleeves when you pick figs. The leaves are fuzzy and the fuzz is prickery. If you are not protected you will come away itching and stinging.

What in the world made Adam and Eve pick the fig leaf for a covering? I would have used something more tropical like an elephant ear leaf.

Anyway, God had a better plan after all.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to Fee Fi Fo Figs

  1. Shelly says:

    Came back from vacation to find my little fig tree has a ton of fruit right now. Please, come pick all you want! I learned last year during fig picking season that the white milky “sap” of the fig tree is chemically similar to latex and can cause contact dermatitis. Suiting up to pick figs in the July heat is not really enjoyable. I have to say I let the chickens eat more than their fair share just so I didn’t have to pick them!

  2. Oh thank you neighbor. I will call you tomorrow. Do you like feta?

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