A Dairy Goat Lease (Part1)

These are the goats that I am renting.

These are the goats that I am renting.

A land flowing in milk and…

No honey yet. But the bees boxes are on the property, and the bees are working hard.

But this post is about milk.

Bambi is my Nigerian goat. She is giving us 4 cups in the morning and she is still feeding her baby.

Elsa give 8 cups per day. Not very good for a Nubian, but she is a very nice girl.

With 12 cups of milk per day, I am making chevre, ricotta, feta and cheddar. Eventually I hope to make Brie.

You read the story about Bella, and why she no longer lives here. But everything usually works out.

Here is something new and fun. I have a friend who raises very high quality Nubians. I was telling her my Bella story. She told me that she has too many goats and one in particular that she really did not want to sell. So she offered to “Lease” me a goat. Here is what a goat lease is. I take the goat and care for it as though it were mine. Forever. She keeps the papers. I care for the goat, I get to keep the milk. When breeding time comes, she provides the buck. She gets any doelings that are born.

I had entered into an arrangement like that a few years ago, but the owner decided that she did not want to go through with it after all, and the goats ended up going back home.

Well, I thought that was a win-win. I do not care about researching goat genes, showing or selling kids. I just want milk.

So my friend and I worked out a deal for me to take a Fawn and her two month old daughter. They will replace Bella and her daughter. Fawn had twin girls and my friend kept one of them.

I will name the daughter Faline. Bringing her daughter with her will help Fawn to settle in quickly. When the time comes to wean, I should have a gallon and a half per day to work with.

Faline will grow up here and get used to us all and when the time comes, she will be  bred, kid and become one of the milk producers on our farm.





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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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