Duck dish for dinner

Spicey plum sauce to dress our duck for dinner.

Spicy plum sauce to dress our duck for dinner.

I have had ducks before, I have had duck before. But I have not ever had a duck for dinner that I raised myself. So this is new.

I raised two batches of ducks. The first batch was raised traditionally. I fed them the high protein game bird food (and lots of it.) It cost me $30.00 for two bags to raise these 5 ducks to the suggested 8 wks old. They dressed out to 5 Lbs each and had lots of white fat.

The second group, I raised on pasture all day, and fed them organic chick starter at night to get them to come into their bedroom pen. I also fed them oranges that are still falling from our trees and garden scraps. By the way, they are not like chickens. They did not put themselves to bed at night. They like to hunt bugs in the dark. That would be a good thing, except I did not want the coyotes to eat them.

These birds dressed out at just a little under 4 lbs. They did not have a lot of fat, but what fat they had was yellow, and you all know what I think about yellow fat! I went through 1 bag of food to get these ducks to the right age. But more than that, I am trying to work with my land in a more sustainable way. I would love to find the balance of having pastured meat, but also keep them healthy and happy.

Yesterday, I rendered down the breast fat, skin side down only and put them in the fridge. I poured off the fat to save for the confit.

We will talk about the legs, liver and carcass another time. But tonight my friends, I will cook the flesh side of the breast to medium, put it on a lovely salad and serve it with a spicy plum sauce.

I am a red wine girl, but the tannins in a big red will not pair well with this dinner, so Pinot Noir it is.



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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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4 Responses to Duck dish for dinner

  1. Joseph Mammino says:

    How do you kill the ducks?

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    • I love it Joe. Thank you for sharing. That is pretty much the way that we harvest the birds here on the farm.

      I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s The supermarkets that we had then were the supermarkets of the future for you. It is pretty safe to say that the already cut up birds that my mom bought were fed a better diet than the meat that we buy today is fed.
      I knew a farmer in Colorado who raised thousands of birds for commercial companies. But the birds that he fed his family were on pasture and ate mostly pasture. He did feed from a different bag, but it was different than the feed the commercial birds got.

      Even the chicken food that I can buy at the feed store has changed. So I am very careful about making sure that I know what my flocks and herds eat.

  2. Just like a chicken Joe. I do not video that part. But I will teach people in person if they want to know how to raise their own food.

  3. Joe mammino says:

    I was born and raised in the city. Philadelphia. To be exact. The way city folk got their chickens was to go to a store that had crates of live chickens, pick one out, have the store owner pull out the chosen bird and take it to the back yard. It was quickly beheaded, hung up to drain the blood. Then thrust in a vat of boiling water ti strip the feathers.
    The chicken was wrapped in newspaper and given to the purchaser to take home. The year was 1934 and supermarkets we’re still in the future.

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