Cody’s Turn


As you know, I am a rescue dog. Mom had this dream of turning me into a Livestock Guardian Dog, but she knew that she had to go slow. She says that I have PTSD from being abandoned more than once in my puppyhood.

So when I came to live with her, she took off several days to do nothing but BE with me. She just lavished me with so much love that I started believing in dog heaven.

The first time that she got in the car and left, I went crazy. I dug and dug and finally escaped. I could not find her, and I got lost. But she found me.

So I was a house dog for a few months. She took me on walks around the property to tell me that this is my home. Dad took me on walks around the property at night, and taught me how to pee on the fence.  Sometimes he had to take a beer with us in order to make sure that he could teach me properly.

Mom and dad started leaving me out; unsupervised for longer and longer periods. Mom would put me in the chicken pen, the goat pen or the duck pen. My favorite is animal that we have is Mary the lamb. I hang out with her a lot. These are mom’s animals, and I finally figured out that she wants me to protect them.

The first night that she left my sleeping crate in the goat pen at night, and told me to sleep there; I did not like it very much. When a coyote came over to check out the goat pen; I barked at him. It was 3 in the morning. Dad came out and chased the coyote away. He told me that I was a good boy, and gave me one of the  treats that I love so much. Have you ever had a homemade liver cookie?

After a few days of that, mom took my sleeping crate, and put it outside the goat pen. I know the routine. She brings me my bedtime snack. I get in the crate. She gives me the cookie and a hug. She tells me that I am a good boy.

Then she goes in the house, and I chase rabbits all night. I do yell at the coyotes, but they stay on the other side of the fence now. Because they are scared of me.

Mom lets me come in a lot during the day if she is home. But I know that I have a very important job. I am going to be the best Live Stock Guardian dog that I can be.

Mom says that I am a quiet boy, but if I bark, then there is something to check on. She is very proud of me. She says that I am a very good boy. She says it everyday, and you know what?

She is right. I am a very good dog!

P.S. You can go to the right of this screen and put my name ‘Cody’ in the box. This will bring up all the posts about yours truly. This way you can follow my story.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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  1. Joseph Mammino says:

    So very very cute. Joe

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