Feta cheese and a New Goat Story

feta (2)

This feta has been sitting 5 days in the fridge and is now ready to go into a jar of olive oil


I have been making feta cheese with my goat milk.

Normally I store it in a salty brine. Feta is not my favorite, because it is too salty. So I am trying another recipe. You store it in oils. Olive oil, grape seed oil, or a mixture of both. Add your seasonings and walla! So pretty in the fridge next to the olives.

Many of you have been asking me about Bella. Bella was my brown nubian. She had a beautiful little girl. But Bella was not a good mama. She refused to feed her baby. She ended up getting what is called “Congested Utter”. I massaged her udder for hours and tied her to the stand to make her feed the little one; several times per day. She ended up with scar tissue and losing the capacity in half of one side.

I made sure that  the little one got plenty of food and continued to care for both of them. I was telling a friend about my dilemma. I just do not have time to do this every day.  She told me that Bella should never  be bred again and that her baby could end up doing the same thing. She suggested that this was a line that I should not continue to  breed. She told me that she had a goat that needed friends and would gladly take Bella and the little one off of my hands. She would care for the them and they would become weed goats on her property for the rest of her days.

That actually sounded like a great relief to me. Bella is a sweet girl, though not very bright, so I am very happy that she has a good home.

Now I am down to one 3rd freshener Nigerian doe “Bambi” and her baby “Jazmine”. She will grow up to eventually replace her mother on our farm. I also have one Nubian first freshener “Elsa”. Elsa gives us about a half gallon per day. Her son Pepper went to live on another farm too. I had kept him to eventually be my herd sire. He was not related to Bella or her daughter. But with them gone, it did not make sense to keep him. He is peacefully eating weeds and will grow up to breed does at his new farm home.

I am not getting the amount of milk that I had originally planned at this point. I am down one first freshener and doeling.  But things just always seem to work themselves out.



About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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