Baby Bunnies Born in my Garden

Here is a video of the nest

A few days ago I mentioned to Steve that some of the lines in my strawberry and herb bed were cut, and wiggling like worms when I turned on the irrigation system that we built together.

He being the handsome hero that he is, went out and took a look. He came back in and said “Donna, come out here and take a good look. I bent down and saw that there was a nest of baby bunnies. We had disturbed the next, but covered it back up hoping that mama would  come back.

Well she did not, so now I have a little box with shavings in my living room-yes- right next to the chick brooder and incubator.

Because I have been raising domestic rabbits for over 3o years and have had to keep orphaned kits alive- I knew just what to do.

These babies are about a week old. But their eyes and ears are not open. I am using a kitten bottle to feed them goat milk.

I would never give these kits to one of my domestic rabbits to raise, because they could have parasites or some disease that I do not want transferred to domestic rabbits.

You see, domestic rabbits are raised in cages and separate. So there are fewer issues with parasites and communicable diseases. That is why it is important to buy healthy stock and keep them quarantined prior to putting them in your bunny barn.

Oh wait, I went to far again. Back to these bunnies.

Steve is so cute at night, he tries to feed them and talk to them. I know he does not like animals very much.

Oh well, just one more chore for me to add to my list.



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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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