My Acerola Cherry Tree

Acerola cherry tree

Acerola cherry tree

Her name is Lola. She is a show girl. With blossoms in her hair and cherries everywhere. She likes the sunshine, we have it all the time…

I have been researching fruit trees to put in my “someday orchard” for several years now. I have a folder on my desk top marked “Someday Orchard”. In that folder I have the fruit trees that I want, and the varieties of those that do well here in our sun filled, desert climate.

The star of this show is the Barbados Cherry tree; aka Acerola cherry tree; aka Lola.
She is currently just over a year and about 3 ft tall. When she is 3 years old; that is where the fun will begin. She will be about 6ft tall, and can grow to 10 or so feet. But I have read that she will prune well to bonsai or hedges. Because I am 5’1′, I like the fact that I can keep her pruned to a manageable size. I would like to be able to reach when I drape her in a stunning bird net.

Not that we need more vit C around here on this orange farm. But we only have oranges half the year. Lola will give us cherries that provide more vit C than any other food. They also provide Vit A B1,b2 and B3 as well as carotinoids and bioflavonoids.

Now that is pretty magical stuff. But here is the real magic behind what Lola can do. I have read and been told by locals who have one of her show girl sisters that she will produce blossoms one month, and fruit the next month, blossoms the next month and fruit the next. Year round! Now that my friend is music to my ears.

Chicka chicka boom!



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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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