Gramma Donna’s Orange Julius

Gramma Donna's Frosty, Frothy, Fun Drink

Gramma Donna’s Frosty, Frothy, Fun Drink

Well, not really.

Orange Julius was my favorite thing to get at the mall when I was a kid. I think that they used to put real milk and eggs in them. They used to taste great. Now they put powdered eggs, and powdered milk in them. I do not even bother anymore.

Steve told me that it was his favorite as well.

I notice that there are not as many Orange Julius Shops as there used to be. Funny how that happens.

Gramma Donna likes to make Grampa Steve’s favorite treats to reward him when he helps out around here. I have finally phased out the Twinkies. He says that they do not taste quite the same anymore. I don’t know, I never did like them. I preferred Ding Dongs.

A few years back I found a great real foods recipe for the Orange Julius that we both used to love. Guess what? We both love it again!

I do not remember where the recipe first came from, I have seen it (or something close) on many different sites. I probably changed it a little bit too. Most of the recipes in my favorite files are like that.

So, I used my Vitamix and put in 1 cup of fresh raw goat milk (168 calories) and 1 tsp of vanilla, I turned the Vitamix on low and added 3 Tablespoons of raw local honey (192 calories). Then I added 3 egg yolks (165 calories) ( (laid today by my grass and garden fed chickens). I peeled 2 huge-sweet juicy oranges (160-240 calories) from our orange trees. I broke them up, and put them in the Vitamix. Did I mention that there is lots of fiber in this version? No? Well there is.  I turned it up to 5 on the low speed dial, until it broke up the oranges. Then I added a tray (or about 2 cups) of ice, and turned it up to high.

This made enough to fill two 16 oz drinking glasses 1 and 1/2 times. So 48 oz (ish).

I looked up the individual calories for my ingredients, and came up with a total of 685-759 calories or 114-127 calories for 8 oz. I looked up the Orange Julius and found that their sugar laden version is 212 per cup. Hmmm let’s see…our version has healthier and tastier ingredients for less calories. You choose for yourself, but as for me and Grampa Steve; we will be making our own.

Now that we have orange trees, Grampa Steve has been getting this treat quite regularly.

I did give a range for the oranges because a large orange is equal to 80 calories, But I did use HUGE oranges, it might be a little more.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to Gramma Donna’s Orange Julius

  1. friedsig says:

    Mmm, sounds amazing! I love goat milk!

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