Grazing My Goats

Making do with what I have.

Making do with what I have.

When we first moved to this property, we had the fence lines all planned. We still do not have the permit from the county to build the perimeter walls. We are pretty much wide open.

But I already had goats and chickens. I needed to protect them from Wiley Coyote and birds of prey.

My solution to temporary fencing are used dog kennel from Craig’s list.

In October, I planted a special mix of pasture seed that will grow in the desert during the winter months when the Bermuda lies dormant.

Here it is almost February, the pasture grasses are growing, and the wonderful Mallow is growing like the weed that it is. Mallow is wonderfully nutritious for us; as well as the goats. Why would I want to buy dried food for my goats when there is so much fresh available?

So I  tethered the goats out in the field. They could see each other, but could not touch. I did not want them to get tangled up in their tether. Those silly girls cried all day. For 3 days! They would not eat. They just cried because they wanted to be touching. Sheeesh!

Then I put a 6′ X 10′ dog kennel out in the pasture, and put the goats in it every morning for a week. I took them back to bed at night, and gave them their concentrated alfalfa pellets. All day they ate the pasture grasses and mallow. I moved the pen twice during the day, because it is a small space, and they ate the plants almost down to the ground. They also fertilized the area nicely. Now Joel Salatin I am not, but I did what I could with the situation that I have.

I did notice that after 3 days of doing this; Bambi, gave me a full cup more of milk per day. Oh well, for now it is working. We really need to get a move on this perimeter fence.

By the way, we did have the follow up ultrasound done today. All 3 goats are pregnant with one baby each. I hope to get the ultrasound repeated in a couple of months to see if we can tell the gender.


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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