What is a Vegetable Garden Exchange?

You all know that I love networking. Wait, it is not what you think. I am not going to invite you to my house in order to get you to sign up, or enroll in some business.

I love meeting new people, and then meeting their friends. I especially like to meet people who are into raising, or preparing their own food.

So I started networking with other gardeners. I go and hang out, and learn from them. Eventually I end up  meeting a friend of two of theirs, and then go hang out with them to learn as well. I have found that in all this hanging out to learn, I also enjoy teaching.

Overtime, I have learned to invite them all to my house, so that now they can network through me to meet my friends, and so on and so on.

I had invited a group over today. These are people that I have met through others; to come and meet each other. Do you follow?

I asked them each to bring from the abundance of their life. This was garden related, but there were people here today that do not currently have a garden, so I told them to bring baked goods. Boy,  did we ever have a party.

Steve said that there were about 25 people that came. I gave them a tour of  our property and showed them my garden beds and what my reasons and theories are about growing vegetables year round in the desert.

So here is how you do it. Each person comes with their goodies and places them on the tables. Introductions are made, the tour is taken and then everyone walks around the tables and takes some of whatever item is provided.

I had previously written to Peaceful Valley Organic Seeds and asked them to provide us with seeds to share. I promised to write about the experience in my blog, so they sent me a catalog and several beautiful packages of organic seeds to share with my friends.

Seeds to share

Seeds to share


I also had oranges to share.

Some of the items that people brought were; seeds, lots of varieties of citrus, marmalade, baked goods, sourdough starter, kefir grains, lemon grass starts, sweet potato starts, sunchokes, someone brought a lovely tomatillo for someone else that had asked for it. I was given some sugar cane that I had requested. There were even tomato and pepper plants. I never did find out who brought the dehydrated orange slices, but I will forever praise them for giving me that idea. They were orange slices that had the texture of Cheetos. Hooray! What fun we had.

Now, all these wonderful people know each other. They can find new friends that  they can connect with, to learn from and to grow.


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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4 Responses to What is a Vegetable Garden Exchange?

  1. elle says:

    That is so neat! I love this idea. It must be great to hang out and exchange ideas with like-minded people. And those dehydrated oranges sound really good. Like Cheetos huh? I wonder if I can buy some around here…hehe

    • Elle, these are people that I have been gathering for years. This is actually a dream come true for me. Now that I have the property and am raising animals legally; I can live more transparently without fear of being turned in to the zoning department.
      I will be doing this once a month, until we get so big that others will have to break off and do their own exchange.

      • elle says:

        Aw I’m so happy for you. Having grown up in a rural area, it was always my dream to have a small acreage with a few animals and my own organic veggies. I moved to the city for university, and my life seems to be on a totally different path now. But, what you’re doing still sounds really appealing to me!

  2. Elle, keep dreaming. This was but a hope for me and then a dream. Now it is real. I still have to pinch myself at times to believe it.

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