Turmeric Talk

You all know that I do not jump on every band wagon that comes into town. As a matter of fact, I am so busy doing- that I find very little time to read about what is the latest thing.


But I do see that there are a lot of bloggers and groups talking about the benefits of turmeric. I am very careful about making health suggestions because very soon, I will have a nursing license to protect. But I can tell you about my experience.

My youngest sibling (my only brother) was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis when he was in his twenties. It is a horrible, inflammatory condition that eventually fuses the whole spine. It is caused by a gene that my family carries. It is the same gene that causes my Chronic Uveitis. This same gene is related to Crohn’s disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus.

Anyway, a few years ago; he discovered that by obtaining very high quality powdered Turmeric  (from Mountain Rose herbs); putting it in capsules and taking two of them per day; his pain is relieved.

I decided to try this myself. I take a prescription anti-inflammatory drug in order to regain and keep my eyesight. Over time; by eating a healthy Real Foods diet, I have been able to   cut that dose in half. So I bought some high quality turmeric and began making my own capsules to take. I intend to cut back very slowly on the medication. If I find that I cannot, then I will stop the experiment.

But here is the real news. Steve who is supportive-but skeptical of all things Donna; started complaining that his knee was hurting. I decided to prepare a speech in order to sell him on trying turmeric himself. I prepared my speech by doing some research about the benefits of turmeric. I found that many reputable sites support turmeric as a natural anti inflammatory, a liver cleanser, a bowel healer and contains cholesterol lowering properties. This all made perfect sense to me, because we have learned in nursing school that inflammation can be traced to the cause of most diseases.

After my speech; Steve deemed me cute, and thanked me for trying so hard. He decided to try the turmeric, but made an appointment with my D.O. a week out.

The morning of his appointment; Steve told me that he was thinking of canceling the appointment-because not only was his knee feeling better, but his hands (that ached when he tried to make a fist) were feeling great! I encouraged him to keep the appointment in order to ask the Dr what he thought about turmeric.

So Steve did see the Dr . He forgot the name of the golden spice, but made a comment about me being a “witch doctor” after all “the woman” floats chicken feet in her soup for goodness sake! Here is what my friend-doctor said to Steve, “I know your wife, and she is not a witch doctor. She is making bone broth, and you should be drinking it too. The golden spice is probably turmeric, and many people are having a lot of success with it as an anti inflammatory. So, I could write you a script for a prescription anti-inflammatory; but since turmeric is indeed working for you, I would suggest that you do what Donna says.”

I like that guy!

Anyway, in my quest for a high quality, non-gmo, non irradiated product; I have decided to not only purchase my herbs and spices from Mountain Rose Herbs ; but I have talked to them about becoming an affiliate. What that means is, if you use the link that I provided; I will be given a commission for advertising for them. It is pretty easy, just click the link-buy your high quality herbs and spices, then Cody gets paid.


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17 Responses to Turmeric Talk

  1. So great to read your story of personal healing, with turmeric! (Oh yeah…it’s Turmeric…not Tumeric…lol. Might want to fix that.) I have been trying to figure out the best way to take enough Turmeric daily! Not only for me and my genetic cholesterol and genetic heart family history, but also my 13 y.o., son, for his asthma! So you just fill both ends of the caps w/ the Turmeric powder, huh? Have you heard, too, that it should be taken with some form of oils/fats, to absorb into the system?

  2. Hello! What size capsule are you using? And how many are you taking a day. Have been thinking of doing this with hubby who suffers from bacterial arthritis from Lyme’s, and having side effects from his anti-inflammatory meds.

    • Teresa,
      I lost the label from the capsules. They are from Sprouts; they are the same size as the capsules that I used to buy at Walgreen’s. Those say that they contain 500 mg. We started taking one with dinner and Steve is going to start taking two.

  3. Sophie33 says:

    Great story & I know that it works. I have had muscle cramps in one part of my body, just Before Christmas & needed to take anti-inflammatory pills for 2 weeks. When I stopped, I took everyday, fresh turmeric, with ground black pepper & some olive oil, on a spoon. It really works! xxx

    • Sophie, thank you for sharing your experience here. Steve and I had dinner tonight with friends. We were sharing our experience with turmeric. My girlfriend said “What a coincidence! My husband’s chiropractor put him on turmeric to keep his reactive-C protein levels down.” So it seems that turmeric is being used to lower the incidence of heart attacks. Makes sense to me. Inflammation can be anywhere in our bodies.

  4. Is there another way of consuming it? Where would I source the capsules?

  5. leggypeggy says:

    Turmeric is a wonder spice. I use lots of it in my cooking. As for muscle cramps, I also recommend magnesium.

  6. This is so interesting. I hadn’t heard of the benefits of turmeric but will definitely keep this in mind. Good to know when one is aging and has “flare ups” sometimes. 🙂

    • Speaking of flare ups, I was just recently told that rubbing Castor oil into an achy joint or muscle helps relieve the pain. I am going to look more into it to satisfy my own desire for knowledge, before I go around sprinkling everyone with castor oil.

  7. Sharon says:

    Should you take turmeric as a daily or only for pain?

    • Sharon,
      What Turmeric is proven for is an anti-inflammatory. Many of us have inflammation in our bodies without any pain. It would actually make sense to me that if you believe that you have an inflammatory condition pain or no, that this would be a good thing to take. In my research on the web, I have not found anything negative about it. Both my doctor and Steve’s doctors said that it would not hurt to take daily. I would suggest that you speak to your doctor regarding whether you would benefit from turmeric or not.

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