Raising Chicks Made Easier Thanks to Premier 1 ( Part 2 of my chicken series)

When I buy a chick from the feed store, a mail order catalog or just take them out of my incubator- I have found a routine that works for me.

I do want to mention that in the past I preferred starting my chicks in January because by the time they are old enough to live outside full time, it is warm enough at night not to have to put a heat lamp in the pen.

For the first week the chicks must be kept at 95 degrees- slowly reducing the temperature by 5 degrees per week.  I used to use fish aquarium placed in the bathtub; with a heat lamp clipped to the side of the tank and digital thermometer placed under the lamp. But I have found something that I like much better than that.


This the Premier 1 heat lamp, and lamp stand. You can find it here.

I received a copy of their catalog in the mail. I read it and drooled over the electric fencing and so many other tools that would make my life as a flock/herd owner so much easier.

But when I saw their brood lamp and stand; I fell in love with it. I contacted the company right away to order mine.

It arrived in just a few days, and took me less than 10 minutes to put together.

The lamp itself has a removable chain that hooks to the top; to allow it to be raised and lowered as needed- to adjust the temperature of the tub.

As the chicks grew, I was even able to use this stand by inserting two legs of the stand into a bigger container like this. This not only gives the chicks more room, but they can get away from the heat source as they no longer need it.


I love the guard on the lamp that protects the chicks (or any other babies)  from touching the bulb and getting burned.


Then, when the chicks are old enough to go outside, I can still provide heat for the babies by hanging it to the fence like this..pen


The stand can be disassembled quite easily when not in use. The lamp  can be put inside the cleaned out white tote, and my black tub can be filled with water to give Cody a place to play in the summer.

Easy enough. I like it. You can bet that I will be looking through the catalog to see what  products I might want to purchase in the future.





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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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