January is Soup Month

delicious Butternut Squash soup

delicious Butternut Squash soup

But before I get started on soup…we need to start with the stock.

The way that I go on about chicken stock-broth-bone broth in my home, my kids think that I believe that it is a cure all. That is not true my dear children–aerobic exercise is–you know that. That will get their attention! Because when they were growing up-that is  what they heard. For every ailment! Do you have a headache? Drink more water, and do some aerobic exercise. Are you tired? Drink more water, and do some  aerobic exercise! I am sure that they thought that I was obsessed (or possessed).

Ok-back to broth. My favorite recipe for chicken stock of all time is this one Chicken stock. But after I strain the goodies out, and take the meat off of the bone, I add the chicken bones, skin and icky bits back into the pot (or crock pot); with a glug of  apple cider vinegar and simmer for 24-48 hours until the bones crumble. The vinegar helps to leach the minerals out of the bones, and puts it into your stock. That is magic, and you know how much I love magic! Now you have what is lovingly called “bone broth”.

Don’t skip the long simmer, for without it; all you have is delicious stock.

Once this is done, I strain out the liquid and toss all the chunkies into a hole out back, and bury it. Ashes to ashes,

and icky bits to dust,  returning what is left to improve the soil.

Oh yeah, and one thing that I forgot to mention was the chicken feet. I grab a couple of chicken feet out of my freezer, and pop them into the pot too (I did say icky bits after all). What? You do not have chicken feet in your freezer? That is a shame! You may be able to find them at an Asian market. But I recommend raising the birds yourself. That way you know how they were raised. I do not want dirty chicken’s  feet in my soup!

I learned this practice from a friend; who came from Indonesia. She told me that chicken feet are full of collagen. Other sources say that there is glucosamine and chondroitin in them there feet as well. These substances are reported to be good for improving digestive issues, and are building blocks for great hair, and nails. Now, I am not a doctor, I am not even a nurse (yet), but it makes sense to me that putting the chicken feet in my broth, and simmering it with the vinegar; will make sure that these ingredients will then-be in my bone broth.

Now that I have this huge pot of bone broth what do I do with it. Well,I freeze it of coarse, in wide mouth canning jars. I do not put a lid on the jar, and I only fill it up to the shoulder. That leaves room for expansion so the glass does not break. I love them! I love canning jars. You can get some here.

Now  whenever I want to make my Delicious Butternut Squash Soup, and it calls for water or chicken stock-I use this wonderful stuff-that is so much better for us. Now I make bone building, nail fortifying, hair enhancing, achy joint relieving, digestion improving, delicious butternut squash soup.

Soup for two.

Soup for two.

What are those chunks floating in my soup? Why Gramma Donna’s home milked-homemade goat cheese.  The green stuff is chopped green onions from Gramma Donna’s garden.

What is on the plate in the middle? Gramma Donna’s homemade bread. Yum!


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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5 Responses to January is Soup Month

  1. CastIronDan says:

    Good idea! I’ll have to add cider vinegar next time I make broth…

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  3. Sophie33 says:

    I agree! Your butternut soup looks amazing & just wonderful! Waw! I still have 1 butternut home-grown over. I need to make this lovely soup! I love the added home-made goat’s cheese topping,…that must take this soup to a whole other level! Yummm!

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