Cody the Wonder Dog

Cody has to sit before he is invited into the house.

Cody has to sit before he is invited into the house.

Cody is learning more all the time,  but so am I. At 18 months old, he is still just a big puppy with a less than pleasant history. But he so badly wants to please, and that is what will make him a great dog for our family and farm.

He has filled out, and put on some weight. He is very strong, so I do not “play” with him. We let the men do that. He has learned to be very gentle with me and any other female that comes over. He does have a certain way of saying “hello” that we females do not appreciate, but he is getting better about where he sticks his nose.

He is good with the chicks, the chickens and the goats. He loves to  tease Bambi, because she does not like him. He loves it when I allow him to wander to the far end of the property and then call him to come. He races towards me, but passes me.  Then I call him to sit and he does. That is his favorite command.

He digs 6 foot long trenches going after gophers. It is amazing to watch him. He looks so intent and terrifying. When he shakes his big rope around, he growls and sounds like a monster.

He rarely barks and I love that. When he is in the front yard and sees someone jog by with their dog, he quietly watches. The few times that I have heard him bark, it was at coyotes.

He still cowers at the slightest movement from me. Once I lifted my arm to adjust my sleeve and he almost slipped on the tile running from me. I could not get him to come out from under the table for quite sometime. It is obvious that he has been abused at some point is his short life. I have never hit him. He is more sensitive to me though than to Steve or anyone else.

In the house, he follows me around and lays at my feet. I am sitting in the office now and his nose is on my shoe.




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4 Responses to Cody the Wonder Dog

  1. Cissy Foster says:

    Love, patience and bonding does wonders in the life of an abused animal. We too rescued one such dog, and she ended up being the most gentle of dogs to my son when he was very little. “Sandy” was an American Staffordshire mix whom the vet asked my husband to take because she had been an abused dog, and my husband already had an AmStaff of his own….needless to say, we tried very hard to give “Sandy” the home she deserved until she passed away.

    • Cissy,
      Thank you for sharing your story with us. I agree these dogs if treated well are such sweet gentle babies. It does indeed take time and patience, they are very strong dogs but they think that they are tiny puppies. Cody would knock me down if he thought that I would sit on the floor and let him in my lap.

  2. Joe Mammino says:

    Thank you Donna for letting me come into your wonderful life thru your blog. At 91 it gives me pleasure to read about a couple going forth with their dreams.

    • Joe, it always give me great pleasure to see a comment from you. I seem to remember from our previous conversations that you have experienced many delightful things in your wonderful life as well.You are most welcome to the blog and the farm anytime.

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