Bartering with Your Abundance

My canner has been very busy.

My canner has been very busy.

Now- this is what I have been waiting for! The gardens at my new farm home are starting to outdo themselves. My citrus trees are heavy with ripening oranges. My canner is ever present on the stove, I own an incubator and soon I will have a bee hive.

What does this have to do with bartering you ask? Well let’s talk about it. I have a friend who has an ultrasound machine. She came to confirm pregnancy in my goats. She charges for this service, but every time I offer to pay, she pushes me away and says “Donna, you are my friend, we help each other.” Never fear, this friend will get 5 gallon pails of citrus as soon as the oranges are in peak condition. There will be home canned, organic, dried red beans in quart bottles that she can help herself to. I ordered the dried beans through a co-op to can for my family. But I had to order 25 # in order to get the organic ones. She also gets free gardening advice when she needs it.

Unfortunately, only one of my 3 does are pregnant. My ultrasound friend told me of another buck who is available. When I contacted the owner and asked what the stud fee would be; he answered “So I hear that you are a gardener, I would love some fresh food.” Done and done.

Though my gardens are new, there is more than enough for us right now. It won’t be long until I have lots, and lots to share.

The incubator was purchased to increase my own flock of heritage  Rhode Island Reds, but I will gladly share egg space with others for half of the chicks that hatch. I will fill a separate chicken pen with a flock of barnyard mix chickens to have extra eggs.

Steve is asking for a welder, and I would like a Food Saver for Christmas. I will be a nurse soon. We will have so many items and skills to offer as barter. Hooray for bartering!

What items, or skills do you have to  barter with?




About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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4 Responses to Bartering with Your Abundance

  1. CastIronDan says:

    How about bacon? It seems like that might be a very popular barter item! Last Saturday we had a little bacon curing party. I got to show 10-12 people how it’s done!

    • Awesome idea Dan. Thank you. I own a Kune Kune sow and hope to raise piggies for the freezer. Their bacon is considered a delicasey because they are happiest grazing on pasture. Can you say “Grass fed bacon”. I do not however have your skill of curing bacon. Maybe you would consider coming to Queen Creek and hosting in our kitchen. I am all about bringing mentors to the farm.

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