What are Coping skills and When do We Need Them ?



Coping skills are a part of being a health person.

Coping skills are a part of being a health person.

Here is something that I found fascinating in the psych portion of my nursing classes.

We all have times in our life when we get discouraged or anxious. We have accidents, surgeries, or financial pitfalls. We lose a loved one, go through a divorce, or get fired from a job.

A healthy person responds by getting sad, or mad, cries, throws a fit, sleeps all day or goes out and gets drunk. But then they start doing the things that make them happy. These things are called healthy coping skills and bring them back up to the previous level of happy.

Some people are better than others at discovering their coping skills and employing them. When a person enters treatment for depression, the priority teaching for this patient is to learn to employ and to improve their use of coping skills. It can be as simple as deep breathing exercises or coloring with crayons.

I have been fortunate enough to discover what my coping skills are. They center around my family, my gardens, working in my kitchen, working out, singing silly songs and dancing. I also love to go out with my friends and talk to my peeps on the phone. My little blog is also a coping strategy for me.

What are your coping skills? Do you enjoy meditation, massage or yoga. Do you have a special hobby that brings you joy?


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I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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